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Google will open a top-level domain name or domain name business

[Sohu IT news] Beijing on March 12th news, according to foreign media reports, Google intends to open some of the world’s top-level generic domain name (referred to as gTLD), such as.App,.Blog,.Colud and.Serch. Market analysts pointed out that this means that Google will enter the domain name registration business market.

to other top-level domain to encourage enterprises and organizations to use outside the.Com, accelerating the development of the Internet market, internet name and digital distribution agencies (hereinafter referred to as "ICANN") passed a resolution in June 20, 2011, will be open to the gTLD domain restrictions, allowing enterprises and institutions to own name registration for the domain name gTLD.

June 2012, ICANN announced the application of gTLD domain names of enterprises and organizations, as well as the names of these companies and organizations to apply for the new top-level domain name. Announcement shows that in 1900 gTLD provided by the domain name, the number of applicants for Google reached 101, in addition to.Google,.Gmail,.Goog,.Chrome and.Youtube Google domain, also can use some other organizations or enterprises of the top-level domain, such as.App,.Blog,.Cloud,.Search etc..

for ICANN open domain name applications, Google said it was very welcome. Google is the chief information officer of the Fred (Ben Fried) on Thursday in a letter to ICANN said: "this kind of domain name application should continue, because the open domain name space, and to encourage the Internet industry innovation, free application domain has special significance."

• • Fred also revealed that Google plans to open some of the gTLD domain name to the outside world. He said: after careful analysis, we decided to.App,.Blog,.Cloud and.Search four domain names to make changes, because these domain names for the entire Internet industry has a high value. We believe that these domain names are open to third party companies or organizations, will create a better user experience for each domain and bring higher expectations."

as for the purpose of Google open gTLD domain name, CNET editor Paul Slon (Paul Sloan) said, Google may want to make a difference in the domain name registration business market. He said: "although the open domain gTLD cannot make Google direct profit, but this will greatly increase the number of sites, and these new sites are likely to see Google ads or directly using the Google application, which will open a larger market for Google." (Joker)


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