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Domain names in 2011 the number of popular business opportunities next year

digital domain – universal, simple and easy to remember, but because people love to the digital domain, but also promote the further development of the digital domain name in 2011, and the digital domain name transactions have acquired after being full of sound and colour, with the site, also have been frozen investment, the end of 2011, 2012 the new year is coming soon, I arranged a few small in large numbers in 2011 for all domain name trading case, based on the market in 2011, outlook 2012 digital domain prospect.

year’s most watched digital domain 55.com

in July, after the exposure of Wo Wo Group has successfully acquired high-quality digital domain 55.com, 55.com domain name, enabled to launch 55 life mall. Simple and easy to remember domain name 55.com, and the Global 100 2 digital.Com domain, and 2 digital.Com stack digital domain, 55.com domain name value can not be ignored, there is rumor of the domain name trading price of up to 5 million.

ylmf 2011 digital domain name something

ylmf favorite digital domain, multi platform’s flagship digital domain. In April, 769.com launched ylmf enable digital domain of local life portal 769 Dongguan network, after the formal operation in May. In May, for selling digital domain name 915.com, buyer for Guangzhou web game operators 91wan, 915 homonym for "91 play" homophonic, become the acquisition highlights. September, the overseas purchase of 3456.com domain name, after the official launch of the domain name in November to launch the navigation station.

Qihoo 360

exposure 3600.com acquisition of

domain name system

digital domain in China has great market, in April 28th, the exposure of the company and Qihoo 360 low-key digital domain 3600.com is enabled, then access the domain name to jump 360.cn, now the domain has not access, according to the 3600.com domain name information, the last change time is September 2010, insiders speculated that the domain name system was acquired in September last year, 360 are the digital domain name, which shows the digital domain, irresistible charm.

drive 850 thousand to buy domain name 160.com

Yao Liu zero digital domain 160.com successfully changed hands driving life, now, the domain name has been driven as new domain independent life enabled, informed sources said that the domain name trading price of up to 850 thousand RMB, the domain name on the afternoon of November 4th to complete the transfer of the domain name, Guihu information change to Cao under the name of 19:23 on the same day, the seller, xieyipeng (Xie Yipeng) post the domain name, net profit 350 thousand yuan, earlier anecdotal rumors had 160.com domain name transfer transaction price reached above 450 thousand, which shows the high value of 160.com, domain name.



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