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Online shopping platform for large warehouse soon opened a difficult dilemma of liquidation business


company to celebrate a birthday, but one by one, leaving even CEO also waved goodbye to colleagues in an atmosphere of uncertainty witnessed, the online shopping platform "a story line near the end. This time with the 1 store called "Shanghai Electronic super Hutch" website will be due to loss of shareholder confidence, funds flow and facing a crisis, the warehouse has completely ended the master operation, the office in Shanghai is also empty.

although the company has been actively dealing with all kinds of labor, debt, but because the tax and consumer complaints, the status of large warehouse still attracted the attention of the relevant departments. Daily economic news reporter was informed that the relevant departments are being asked to adjust the periphery, trying to find out the real reason for the company had promised to invest a lot of money in the collapse of the company.

Why is

a B2C company in the electricity supplier hot this year declined, specific to the electronic commerce industry, "burn too much, but around the topic is difficult to continue.". As investors, such as the strength of the world’s top 500 enterprises Sinar Mas Group (APP) will also draw money to those who find it difficult to frown, "the internal management is on the one hand, but not profitable e-commerce node and the macroeconomic environment is not good, but investors do not want to continue to do the important reason of the warehouse." Do a large warehouse internal reflection, "now many ecommerce sites are just a beautiful appearance of the shelf, itself has been in deficit financing by holding the money, a pinch, immediately collapse."

website stop settlement

"buy things there is no way to settlement, customer service website is offline, stack money back to me? How large warehouse?" Ms. Meng throws a bunch of questions.

recently, a lot of similar complaints. Consumers are reflected on the site of the commodity prices almost "insane" — a few dollars you can buy cosmetics, the market price of five hundred or six hundred yuan in the warehouse on the Soybean Milk machine price is only tens of dollars…… Ultra low price attracted a lot of clicks, but finally found the happy users can not order.

is the actual situation, large warehouse has already stopped operating station. In the top right corner of the site bulletin has clearly said: the company in July 1st this year to cancel the rebate and reward the agent; in late August, closed the settlement system; limited company promised refund within a user account remaining "stack of coins".

in order to understand the status of large warehouse, the "daily economic news" reporter came to the company is located in Shanghai City, Jingan District Yueda Plaza nine floor office, found empty, office area of nearly 2000 square meters of empty, only the front hanging "warehouse" and investors "golden APP" logo there are a few employees, like walking, in dealing with chores, from time to time to discuss about how to calculate the topic of social insurance and housing fund.

, who claims to be the last to deal with the staff received a reporter, and frankly, you see, the company can not do it, and soon to close, now >


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