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Known Papi sauce Group belief can also see the absurd

yesterday, Chen said, the two day rush to write Papi sauce, hot dogs are Pengcier.


/ Wang Yunhui, author of the WeChat public number: Technology Review (keji_zatan)

the bad guy!

so, I also not to mention a set of beauty and talent in a "name, do not discuss yesterday’s game 22 million of the value of the auction, the end is a new industry benchmark, or a" transnational anti Ali feast".

this force, tear not refreshing.

we talk about something else, about values, about faith, about imagination.

recently, a book called "human history" of the book is the fire, it is called an Israeli authors · and God write hera. There is a very important passage in the book, which is used to analyze the key turning point in the evolution of human being from animal to society.

Hera Lee concludes, is fictional.

he believes that large-scale cooperation of any human, are derived from the collective of some imaginary common recognition — consistent from beginning to end.


whether shell or gold, the dollar or the yuan, they are valuable, but because everyone believes that they can get something. When you can’t use the RMB in the United States, a small shop, only because the old owners believe only $.

in fact, from the law to the regime, from religion to the Internet, every order of human society is built on the basis of this collective recognition of faith.

we use the belief to plan the blueprint, and then to the collective power of its realization.

in the organization of these beliefs, humans are also on the path of a completely different from other creatures. The environment in which we adapt to evolution is no longer the nature itself, but the rules of faith that we have invented, and the modern society that we continue to achieve.

most of us no longer need to learn to hunt and grow, but to study law, to learn English, to learn to write, to learn how to cook…… This change will be through our genes, evolution from generation to generation.

of course, this belief is not immutable. The more people believe, the stronger, the less people believe, the weaker.

such as the current price.

when they believe that north of Guangzhou Shenzhen housing prices will rise, real estate prices have no, really rise, then more people buy, housing prices rose too high.

and in some of the three or four lines of the city, fewer people to buy a house, see not rise, we put the funds out of it, went to the first tier cities real estate, so the city of three or four


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