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Alibaba invested 540 million million net cash to leave behind large shareholders

news September 29th afternoon of September 28th, Alibaba listed company announced it would pay 540 million yuan in cash, the two get Chinese million net (hereinafter referred to as the "network") in Chinese equity operation.

today, network founder, President and CEO Zhang Xiangdong came to the NetEase interview, the paper introduces the process of network and Alibaba listed company bonds, love and finally go hand in hand, and the business integration, the development direction of the nets into Alibaba listed company is prospected.

Zhang Xiangdong said that although the network and Alibaba listed company equity investment negotiations began in recent months, but he took advantage of some public meetings and Ma long before the initial communication.

is the basis of the initial contact and Ma, civilink and Alibaba management of listed companies to negotiate more and more in-depth, finally both sides think together is the right choice, "this time we have no direct investment and Ma tan."

Zhang Xiangdong said, early in the nets with Alibaba listed companies had contact and April 2007 investment of tens of millions of dollars to get more than 50% million net equity Synnex company to do a good communication. Synnex believes that cooperation is beneficial to Alibaba and civilink nets and Synnex, therefore expressed support, which was later civilink and Alibaba listed companies gradually in-depth negotiations.

Citigroup Research Report

said 10 times of acquisition of Alibaba China million net valuation is only equivalent to the price earnings ratio, and now for companies listed on GEM dozens of times times earnings. Zhang Xiangdong doesn’t believe that the acquisition of Alibaba to 540 million yuan million net is picking up a great deal, he said to make the trading decision is considered shareholder value and business development, "will not feel that what is not good".

Zhang Xiangdong acknowledged that the Alibaba listed company the first phase of investment 435 million yuan to obtain 85% stake nets, Synnex company and the nets have no relation. All gave in 1999 invested about $500 thousand in IDGVC, 2005 and IDGVC for network investment of 100 million yuan of funds in April 2007, Synnex entered the new network has been completely out of the.

Zhang Xiangdong said, will make the listed company before million net is indeed he has always been a dream, he said that although the network did not show an independent listing of the state, but also can not say it Never mind and listed companies, after listed companies (Synnex company is the New York Stock Exchange listed companies) in experience, has been fully equipped with nets the ability to separate listing". He said the nets into Alibaba listed companies, listed companies will be in accordance with the standards of their own.


asked the performance of network science and technology NetEase when will be reflected in the earnings of listed companies on the Alibaba, Zhang Xiangdong did not disclose the specific time, only said that all the Alibaba listed companies.


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