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Tencent quietly into the online travel market online travel industry brewing change

September 3rd webmaster admin5.com news, according to the cool mouth forum broke the news, while Ctrip and Taobao in the debate on the online ticket booking overlord, Tencent quietly into the tourism market. Tencent has quietly opened yesterday (http://s.go.qq.com) launched QQ travel platform. At present, QQ travel channel can provide flights, accommodation, discounts, price, number of seats and other information real-time inquiries, booking services; and nearly 500 city more than 12 thousand hotel reservation service. In addition, QQ travel ticket & the hotel will start from September 16th, the introduction of the whole station preferential ordering activities. In addition to QQ and rebate, hit the golden egg and red envelopes and other activities.

August 25th, Taobao announced the release of the latest data show that from May to August 15th officially launched Taobao travel platform, Taobao travel platform daily ticket has reached about 10 thousand, equivalent to every 8.6 seconds to sell a. And formally entered the online travel market to Ctrip challenge. Taobao online shopping with a strong user base, and relying on e-commerce platform and Alipay third party payment interface, launched direct flights, to attract airlines and ticket agents settled, with the price advantage is to break the monopoly position of Ctrip, bringing new changes to the online travel. Tencent as the largest Internet Co Chinese user base, has a rich experience in e-commerce online sales, integration of various resources and pat payment interface channels, and Taobao will compete, can be said that the online travel market is currently brewing changes.

According to iResearch

released the day before the report, 2010 China online tickets, hotel and package travel booking revenue grew 27% to 4 billion 750 million yuan. Because Chinese has a large base of users, and the use of online travel service proportion is still relatively low, so the development of online travel market is huge, the size of the online travel market will rise to 9 billion 10 million yuan in 2013. Another view of the international market, the global Internet companies two giants Google and Facebook respectively acquired ITA and nextstop two online travel companies, can see the user base and search entrance is essential for tourism development, and make full use of the two kinds of resources, also can dig out more value. The domestic market, Taobao and Tencent involved in the big two, is likely to set off a new wave of large-scale Internet companies to acquire and launch online travel services.

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Due to the fact that the announcement is as follows:

below for the reference:

QQ travel platform heavy launch ticket hotel offers a lot of

after all the members of QQ tourism team effort, QQ travel platform finally launch! After the line on the platform, ticket & hotel will begin from September 16th, the station launched preferential order activities, please look forward to ~>


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