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WeChat commercial second by Twitter Life O2O deficit KTV will test the water and food


commercial type second: Twitter Life comeback O2O

universal planes lit the fuse WeChat commercial, but after the game the first resort, O2O also surfaced.

September 24th, the Tencent announced the launch of a new version of Twitter Life membership card, with WeChat mobile phone and QQ huge virtual chain, Tencent tentacles line trillion yuan market, restaurants, supermarkets, KTV industry has become the first step to test the water.

face the problem of lack of genes under the line, Tencent O2O hit open card, is planning to convene a general meeting of the channel, the recruitment of agents in a number of industries.

Tencent O2O


connection line and the line of local life services (ie, O2O), is considered a major gold mobile internet. As WeChat has 400 million users and 800 million QQ users online Penguin Empire to O2O at the Tencent, for example, in terms of Lazi, group purchase and global group purchase mode originator Groupon Gaopeng joint venture set up similar dianping.com; QQ in the business review class delicacy.

but after years of war and no money investment, Tencent, regardless of whether the group or the market in the review has not been able to obtain the relative status of its body weight. These businesses are not satisfactory, but also to the Tencent was put on a lack of genes under the line hat.


, WeChat and Tencent to see the A new force suddenly rises., let in the mobile Internet era O2O comeback opportunity.

in December last year, the general manager of the Tencent of Zhang Ying in the lives of the electricity supplier "twenty-first Century economic report" said in an interview with reporters, Tencent and WeChat team about the lives of the electricity supplier at the end of 2011 clear WeChat to do membership card business. In the first half of this year, the Shenzhen coast city WeChat two-dimensional code scanning membership card, once caused a shock in the local business district.

September 24th, Tencent Twitter Life (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tencent Twitter Life) general manager Geng Zhijun said, as of now there are 30 million users in Twitter Life platform to receive a membership card, issuing a total amount of more than 50 million, the docking of the 1000 brands include more than and 30 city. Among them, the number of members of the micro life of McDonald’s has more than 2 million.

during this period, a large number of traditional businesses also appear in WeChat training market, and charge a lot of money. "A lot of training institutions in a training class, will have 2000 people, each person pay 988 yuan." Geng Zhijun said.

merchants sought after WeChat marketing, to a large extent reflects the economic transformation of the traditional industry expectations and needs of the mobile internet. However, in the training institutions to earn their money at the same time, Tencent micro life official had been kept low-key. On the one hand, Tencent hopes to control the rhythm to improve the user experience, on the other hand is also waiting for the release of the new version of WeChat 5.

WeChat 5 version of the payment function, >


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