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nventory of 2016 nternet ten controversy 10G, bare, hemophilia Luo smile, was met with watercress.

New Year approaching, more than the entertainment of fire is absolutely IT Internet world, A5 business network in a 2016 ten Internet controversy, help you new year. (in chronological order)


‘s hemophilia event

at the beginning of January, or a post exposure will it hemophilia patients Baidu sell it events pushed the climax: the bar service group members were paid by the "experts" to change.


then, friends broke Parkinson, hypertension, epilepsy and other diseases of the right to sell it, caught in public in the Baidu open in July 7th publicly responded that will stop all kinds of disease business cooperation.

since then, 2 years of commercialization of the stick try to draw a full stop.

2, WeChat, Alipay cash charge

March 1st, WeChat payment is now starting to charge a fee:


October 12th, Alipay also opened the withdrawal fees, personal cumulative 20 thousand yuan free amount in excess of the amount will be charged 0.1% of the cash service fee.

3, Papi sauce and Luo’s thinking and


The appearance of

Jimei talent in one of the "extraordinary woman, became in 2016 the hottest red net, real harvest fund collar vote 12 million financing and valuation of billions.

March, tied with the logic of thinking.

April, Papi sauce ad 22 million yuan price, "a record of human history of a single video advertising record".

short video started Papi sauce, micro-blog fans from the end of 2015, about 1 million have been increased to the current 20 million, WeChat headline article Pianpian 100 thousand +.

November 23rd, Luo Ji Thinking and Papi sauce break up after the news was confirmed, Papi sauce is singing the growing voice of decline. By then, there is news that Taobao Papi sauce has long been not a business state, the goods have been off the shelf, suspected to become zombie shop.

network is a short-lived red or still need to fight for a long time, the Internet has become a hot topic.

4, Wei Zexi’s death: Putian Department of hospital follow-up

May 1st, "dead in a military hospital in Baidu and young people" maxed circle of friends, Xi’an Electronic and Science University student Wei Zexi, two years ago in the examination of advanced synovial sarcoma, through the Baidu search to find in the The Second Hospital of Beijing Armed Force, spent nearly 200 thousand yuan in medical expenses, still died.

previously, Baidu has given a response in April 28th: after the matter, Li


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