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Suning.com after CN started on 360 suning.com domain

It is reported that in May 25th

news, Suning has enabled the day before independence heavily purchased "Suning" Larry domain suning.com on-line operation platform for suning.com, suning.com original domain name suning.cn retains access.


diagram: website home page

had Suning acquisition suning.com domain name, the domain name uses a lot of speculation, the majority of users believe that the domain name should be used to upgrade suning.com suning.cn suning.com mall, Suning now officially opened the suning.com domain name suning.com mall upgrade, confirmed earlier rumors.


for domain name protection consciousness is more and more strong, has held three mainstream suning.com/.cn/.com.cn domain, the suning.cn domain name in 2009 as Suning Appliance online mall official domain name enabled, then, Suning Appliance online mall from the original domain of suningshop.com, has caused concern in the industry.

currently Suning of domain name protection is one of the most complete enterprise business website, a large amount of money to buy the brand name, the domain name is also attached to the enterprise at the same time, Suning brand protection of domain name, domain name strategy but also other electricity supplier website protection and select the domain name reference and a good example of learning.

about suning.com:

December 18, 1997, suning.com domain name was registered, when the domain name holder for three British computer company.

December 22, 2010, Suning company renamed China intermediary trading platform to buy suning.com domain, when the domain name is not enabled, the use of domain name speculation.

May 25, 2011, Suning has launched a comprehensive upgrade of suning.com domain name suning.com business platform, the value of the domain name is to play.


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