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WeChat entrepreneurship and innovation, Zhang Xiaolong these 3 words have to see!


recently, Zhang Xiaolong received a very big dipper interview, an interview with Xinhua news agency, China dream project. But the topic around WeChat, around the product launch, Zhang Xiaolong answer is very direct and sharp. For WeChat entrepreneurship and innovation in 2014, the biggest one of the pigs, Zhang Xiaolong, these three words have to look at:

1, how to simplify? Zhang Xiaolong method is commonly used classification, many products contain hundreds of thousands of functions, how to let users easily find these functions in such a small screen mobile phone, is the classification of the role. In addition, it is driven by the product itself or by user operation means to pull users? Too many people focus on the direction of the user back, pull up a product immediately by operation or marketing, and I hope to do the product itself, allowing users to drive users.

2, WeChat is a point to start the revolution, the traditional business is a good. Each enterprise has its own customers, they need a communication or the ability to connect with Consumers Association, the association in the past can be established through many ways, such as SMS, telephone, but the experience is not good. WeChat offers a way I think it’s better, richer, and more interactive. At present, this platform is very open, we welcome all enterprises access.

3, WeChat will become the first person or institution ID. The phone number used to be a personal ID beyond the ID card, and was once the largest resource for the operator. But the mobile Internet era, the ID can solve more and more unexpected problems in life. For example, before you have a phone number of the restaurant, you will only when you need to call in the past, the single function, the same scene transferred to WeChat, restaurants and individuals can interact in public, although no longer need to call, but the behavior of communication is more abundant than the telephone. This is a new way of life, a new trend.

allows you to drive the user, is the first starting point of thinking of the Internet, you can launch it?

Zhang Xiaolong line ===

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oral: Zhang Xiaolong source: Xinhua News Agency

one, WeChat how to simplify the complex – the complexity of the abstract needs of the most basic context, allowing users to drive their own user

complex behind a set of methods, most rely on the experience of the product, there are some methods can be summed up, such as classification. Many products contain hundreds of thousands of features, how to make such a small screen on the phone so that users can easily find these features, is the role of classification to play.

, for example, WeChat "circle of friends" covers the complex social themes, including most of Chinese social networking activities, user activity is also very high, every day there are millions of photos uploaded, hundreds of millions of times comments… >


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