Chinese domain name is suspected of fraud

for a period of time, the person in charge of many domestic companies are almost the same: call your company web site domain name Chinese has been protected for a period of time, if not registered, will be registered, the consequences will be grievous. To this end, the reporter interviewed a number of departments and the industry, draw the conclusion: the domain name is not registered Chinese consequences is not terrible, it is the way to sell people out in a cold sweat.

telemarketing: do not register Chinese domain name is very serious consequences

Wang in Zhongshan District of Dalian City, a building, the office is responsible for the business, according to its introduction, about a month ago, he received a sales call, the phone girl seriously told Wang: from the beginning of next Monday, all domestic sites must be forced Chinese registered domain name, at present, our family the site name Chinese others have been registered, but we are protected, if we do not register within 24 hours, will be registered, the consequences will be grievous……

heard this information, Wang did not mind at the end of the talk about. Not long, the company came to two little girls, claiming to be a network technology company in Dalian, who also took out a lot of materials. See the annual fee of only a few hundred dollars, Wang put forward to pay the cost of a year, but was refused, the other requires at least ten years to sign a contract, the same, the need to pay the cost of ten years.

due to the amount is too large, Wang said to wait for the boss to come back again. This time, the two girls do not want to, when Wang’s big noisy, and accused Wang cheated them, Wang again had to apologize, not easy to be two girls away.

later, Wang also received many phone calls two little girls and his colleagues, Wang Moujun declined.

insiders: Chinese domain name registration is not mandatory

days ago, this reporter consulted the management domain Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), the center of No. 6072 staff, at present there is no mandatory national Chinese registered domain name, depends entirely on the customer voluntarily, nor a registered long unified regulations, Mr. Wang encountered the registration requirements of 10 years, the staff said that the general registration for the longest time is 10 years, customers can also choose.

What is the use of

as Chinese domain, the center of No. 6072 staff: "the domain name and domain name Chinese English function is the same, but the Chinese domain is more suitable for Chinese writing habits, easy to remember, so some people will choose to register."

online search: expose the company to sell the domain name trick

reporter found in the interview process, Wang encountered the situation is not the case.

Wang told reporters, after the event, at a friend’s reminder, he went to the Internet for the search, expose the marketing shady introduced found in many forums, usually the first step is to call an enterprise network trademark resources Guozihao just >


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