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.cn domain name registration volume fell from second in the world to fourth

a year ago, the pace of development of the amazing.Cn top-level domain seems to replace.Com, becoming the world’s largest registered domain names. But a year later, it did not become a reality, but the location of the.Cn domain from last year’s global second fell to fourth, is still ranked first in the.Com.

according to VeriSign statistics, as of the first quarter of 2010, the total number of global domain names over 193 million, a net increase of 11 million in the first quarter. The top 10 domain names are:.Com,.De,.Net,.Cn,.Uk,.Org,.Info,.Nl,.Eu and.Ru.

why.Cn domain name registrations fell? VeriSign in charge of Domain Name Service Vice President Pat Kane pointed out that the domain name registrar China once at a low price (1 yuan) promotion.Cn domain name, now the price has been raised to a higher level. In addition, China’s domain name authority CNNIC began to strengthen the supervision of the.Cn domain name, rectify the domain name registration, not only requires the domain name registrant to provide the true name, but also the gradual implementation of the record for the owners.

by the extraordinary creative observation, since last year, the implementation of the domain name policy for the domain name of the registered domain name and website operation is very negative, making the majority of the.Cn domain name lost interest. In the domain name and website market, in addition to goods with excellent.Cn meters are still sought after, most of the other.Cn meters are neglected, buyers smell cn discoloration. Estimated number of.Cn domain names in the next few months will fall sharply.


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