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WeChat operation 10 kinds of methods and skills of WeChat marketing

set text, voice, video in one of the WeChat, is profoundly changing our social and life. When the media since the rapid rise, WeChat public widely favored, WeChat has 700 million users, WeChat circle became the people to feel the sun, the sun circle activities, media marketing people suddenly discovered that by television, radio and print media for traditional communication way, has encountered a long "ceiling", and to WeChat circle of friends as the main form of word-of-mouth marketing for WeChat, with a mass of users and real-time, fully interactive features, has become a marketing tool.

due to the rapid development of mobile Internet, a new era of communication has come. WeChat marketing, in order to focus and focus on the public market as the goal of the demand for marketing model, it is the pioneer and representative of the new era of marketing. We summarize today morning in financial research and practice of media marketing, as well as the main methods of current enterprise and media marketing, micro channel marketing media summed up the 10 kinds of thinking, for everyone to share.

, a power of thinking: virality, national hi

is a kind of power marketing, viral transmission, it is through friends constantly forwarding support, realize the rapid spread and national attention. The usual way to boost your thinking is to add a power boost to a tech company when it comes to making micro web pages. When users participate in activities, enter the name, phone number and other information on the event page, click the registration participation, that is, to enter the specific activities page. If you want to win the user, it is necessary to forward to a circle of friends and invite friends to help, get more friends help, the greater the chance of winning. To help the enthusiasm of those who play, you can also help to help draw friends. In this way, because there is a big prize to attract, you can get a lot of friends through the registration of their attention and forwarding, to achieve the purpose of universal communication.

in May this year, the registration by the company today morning scheming "Guangsha international mountaineering Festival" activities of WeChat, is a classic case of power marketing thinking. The title of your mountain, I sent the room, WeChat registration activities in the country to collect 1200 people to participate in mountain climbing, of which there are 400 people from the power generation activities. The climbers have a chance to win 2 million yuan worth of the big house, so micro "on the line that day, in the WeChat circle triggered forwarding, registration and power frenzy, day has created nearly 400 thousand hits, the influence of national coverage. Data show that participation in the activities of 400 people, most of the number of people in more than 500, up to the maximum of more than 1 thousand and 500. In other words, in order to climb, the highest in the circle of friends of WeChat launched more than 1 thousand and 500 people to support him.

using WeChat help thinking, not only can clearly grasp the basic application in the background data and information, such as name, gender and mobile phone number, to explore his circle of friends resources to the maximum extent, let more people pay attention to even participate in this activity. This multiplier effect of economics, so that the activities of the message can be multiplied, the rapid spread of corporate brands. >