Why do a lot of products fire a dead


face Meng, foot, crazy guess figure, magic diffuse camera and other app, as well as H5 nervous cat, crazy playing penguin, Microsoft’s Howold, Bing Bing heart robot and other activities. Why are there so many products at the fire soon disappeared or calm?



product function is based on innovation as the starting point, rather than the user’s strong demand

these quickly hot products have a common point, that ran to implement an innovative tool to function, with new function is almost never a market, or from the new function is not satisfied to move the market, rather than starting with the needs of users, this product can the explosion of red reason is to meet the user’s sense of freshness and curiosity and personalized, once the freshness and curiosity, began to die product popularization, it is easy for this product cannot be sustained.

products for users without sticky

is due to the product does not meet the practical needs of users, so there is no stickiness to the user, once the freshness and curiosity to die, this product can not be sustained.

products do not have a clear business model

lack of efficient profit model, the product can not continue to be the concern of the capital, there is no financial support, the product team is difficult to support.

how to solve these problems?

product transformation

cannot continue, essentially because can not meet the needs of users, so, in order to continue the long-term heat, it must be on the product transformation so as to continuously meet the needs of users, the direction of transformation has two kinds:

1, tools, products to the tool transformation

2, vertical community class, the user relationship and content to stay in the community

is the key to retain users

The attenuation of

1, launched a new gameplay function or continuation of the user, to technical or operational means constantly spun g


2, the growth of the community to retain user relationships and as much as possible to produce content precipitation

seize the opportunity for commercial realization

business is the essence of profit, everything is not profitable products are not good products. The Internet explosion of red product assumptions of their profit model in the development foundation, and gradually show the profit model, there is a clear business model allows investors to continue to invest, the product can make the product self blood, continue.