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Let Baidu auction burn less money! Do have to look at the auction.

              the last time I wrote an article "Baidu pictures said," by many people in the curse, actually I didn’t write soft Wen, in fact I just put some experience in their share it, I will not write, so writing is bad, but I believe that not everyone can engage in the computer and said, I am just a type of combat. So there are things I can’t express in words, but I’ll try to understand everything.

              I believe there are a lot of companies are doing business advertising, while Baidu auction felt in the burn, according to some accounts I manage, two accounts a day to burn more than 1 thousand. Today I make an analysis of the data. You can see every IP where it comes from, we can analyze these is how to, how you spend the money is worth, how are we going to do the bidding to do, is not submitted keywords can. As long as you soak in Baidu you will go to the development. As long as we have some basic knowledge of Baidu display advertising, you can let us spend less money.

look at this figure

these flows are bought with money. Basically every IP in one yuan or more,

Baidu post bar Baidu know Baidu pictures Baidu video as long as you do the bidding, all the products of Baidu, he will show you.

OK, let’s analyze how these are displayed.

we search       beauty service

look at the picture here appeared in the auction, but these searches can be said is not always the intention of customers here, jewelry and hair design keywords, the keywords per click we at least have to pay 1 yuan or more.

look again.

we search an ornament with

you see, oh, here in the competitive keywords appear learning products, if this group of people to the same point, just to give you money.

of course, you’ll see Baidu’s bidding in many places. As long as the Baidu product he will show every day to Baidu search people by counting all million, how much money you have Baidu can give you one day burn.

but the overall price is greater than the return of the investment, but you have to grasp the key words, as well as your description of the text, which is very important.

here are two experiences to share with you.

when you add keywords you put the smart match, you can buy thousands of keywords or not