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After the construction of the website can be used to promote the enterprise

recently in the process of contact with some friends found in very few friends seems to fall into the "SEO natural ranking optimization and bidding advertising irreconcilable opposed to such a wrong understanding", in fact, from the perspective of real network marketing in terms of both SEO and even in any kind of promotion optimization methods should not be thought of rejection the relationship should be complementary relationship of mutual assistance.

currently used by various companies to promote more sites have the following points:

first point, bidding

believe that all my friends are deeply aware of the Baidu effect on our life, so Baidu keyword bidding on the immediate effect is the best choice, but its huge cost also allows many companies prohibitive.

second points, SEO optimization ranking

this is one of the means that more companies will use, some of the network marketing to give attention to the enterprise and even set up a special network marketing department to carry out this work.

suggest that you can use a large flow of high conversion of popular keywords appropriate bid and the long tail keywords optimization combination of ways to promote the promotion of enterprise website.

third points, e-mail group

This may be the

foreign trade company with more than the technique, low cost, more practical, but if you choose the supplier mailbox is not good, then we send the mail can be heard as spam, no echo. In particular, some of the Internet legal system is relatively perfect for such mail is often shielded received.

fourth points, QQ group promotion

before I received a corporate client, before they have been used in this company to join the QQ group for product promotion in the form of network marketing, at the beginning of the effect is very good, but as the two years since the QQ group of the audit system of strict such promotion is no longer has before obviously effect. So do QQ group promotion must have enough experience and level of technology can effectively improve the conversion, get orders.

fifth points, put the forum, community advertising

often go to the forum, the community to join the discussion of friends should be found, many companies have turned their attention to this area, hoping to grasp more customer resources.

sixth points, micro-blog promotion

this way should be up from last year’s fire, but in fact, micro-blog promotion is not suitable for all enterprises, because micro-blog marketing mainly rely on the fans to force, no fans is equivalent to no attention, no use.

seventh points, TV advertising promotion

even Taobao, Dangdang, Baidu, YAHOO, etc. these internet giants are inevitable to use the form of TV advertising to promote their own website, and why not?