What is Rss what is Rss promotion method

What is

RSS? Than there are two versions, one is the "Rich Site Summary (rich site summary)" or "SimpleSyndication (Really Simple Syndication)", in fact, RSS is a collection of web pages and used to distribute content in XML format. The current mainstream blog system with RSS file format, convenient collection with the promotion of information dissemination. For example, my RSS file: http://s.noseo.org.cn/rss.xml you can subscribe at any time ~ ~ ~.

RSS reading has the following advantages:

1 you can see the outline of the title or article without ads and pictures, so you don’t have to read the full text to see what the meaning of the article is, and save you time.

2 RSS reader will automatically update the content of your customized website, keep the news in time. To subscribe to news, you can directly click on the XML icon on the seo blog, or click on the column to subscribe to the article, that is, the completion of the subscription, you can open the RSS every day to read the latest articles, without having to open the page.

3 can be customized according to your own preferences RSS multiple RSS feeds, the benefits of doing so is to gather from a number of news sources, and then integrate news into a single data stream.

4 RSS submitted to the RSS site, not only easy to bring traffic, but also to speed up the search engine and information dissemination.

you can submit their RSS to some of the mainstream RSS site, free promotion of your site, the following are some of my address:

blog Daquan


Google blog

http://s.blogsearch.google.com/ping? Hl=zh-CN

Baidu blog


YAHOO blog


Sogou (Sohu) blog