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My woman my web site first love article (ten years of Web site operation memory)

my first love comes early, is bitter, because of age and courage was not knowing each other, love has dark Xu, but still enough to spend a full three years only on the sister’s hand, but belated happiness is not in together from = All sufferings have their reward., pure spirit of the soon I was in love with sister family reasons against dumping. At that time I was reading sophomore year, but she is a civil servant of the work experience, I still learn the broken music, in the heart of inferiority Oh ~ ~ ~ people say that breaking up their own good thick face to retain ah?

in the days of worry about personal gains and losses and finally wait until graduation, graduation in the call I = unemployment and other students with a known professional diploma run, finally carrying luggage back home early and enjoying their later years, and the Internet is the first time that a lack of passion in life, but because of the cost up to thirteen an hour, so most of the time, only to miss the sister of PLMM, and always in fantasy: if one day she inadvertently browse to a love theme website I personally do for her, with his own singing ways to express yourself on the thoughts of her……… (virgin syndrome!)

for this little fantasy I was from Huazhou spear with mosquito net belt is to study large spears in Guangzhou web related knowledge, and before arriving in order to save the cost of accommodation, not in the dirty ten hotel beds package block stay, away from home although lonely, but also dare not freeze after all romantic disease everywhere. Someone is dyed from prostitutes that, some people are infected from the night there, and I was in a hotel that quilt with the mother, spent hundreds of pieces of money injections, virgin provoke venereal disease, washing are not clear………

A few months after the

well I regularly in some marketing related books or magazines in the past have copied some good articles that put in several file called HTML and upload to the free space, my first artificial collection of garbage station so unfortunately born at the time of the world wide web, and calling them "E plan"

—–1999 years, the upper part of the summary: for the people to learn the site of his wife’s production, weaving their own illusory dream!

line on the site, the first way is to promote the site to each chat room and go to BBS, and then the purpose is not to IP just to show off, (if you’re not old webmaster you may not realize to those with the pen guy show is how to enjoy.) Simple things repeat, repeat the strength is terrible, I took the year after me in the mentality of the show still ongoing, email me friends up more slowly, began to find their own things actually lose time leader until the message becomes a habit, do not know the direction of development in the website of my first website in a users email support under the evolution from a pioneer to the martyrs.

ten years comparison