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Why is Durex in the Bao Qiang divorce is not on the set

recently, I believe everyone is the name of Baoqiang Wang, Ma Rong, Song Zhe scraper. Micro-blog announced on Baoqiang Wang after the divorce, the news quickly occupy micro-blog hot search list for several days, we accounted for micro-blog hot search list for the Olympic topic are brushed, continuously occupied micro-blog TOP real-time hot search list.


, however, with the continuous upgrading, hot speculation, many people have started to eat melon for each big brand marketing occasion action. Just before the "we" and so on, UNIQLO events, many of my friends have been eager to crowd the Durex team marketing occasion, waiting for Durex to re release God copy, with God, because for many people, onlookers chase hot occasion, Durex has become a habit.


but this time, Durex team did not set, like the Durex and UNIQLO events, and did not have any action in the event of divorce Baoqiang Wang. Let’s let Durex, Baoqiang Wang, still got the attention of many users. Before the event Durex caught UNIQLO, Pluto hot occasion copy only two words "after you", the micro-blog Durex still occupy the hot search list first.



have to say, Durex is the new media team is a team attitude. In fact, this incident is not the first time Durex to avoid hot headlines, another way. Prior to the Liu Xiang divorce, Bi Fujian video, when the time of the derailment, they are not in the set, they stick to the bottom line of marketing, the brand to avoid the crisis and risk, but also to the point of praise for many users.

so, chase hot, occasion marketing is not what you want to play, would like to borrow, when occasion to take into account the impact of their own brand. Your marketing occasion, whether there is a positive impact on the brand, refresh the user to your brand cognition; whether can fit the hot and can create value for users; users will destroy and brand between the "friendship", these are to be considered in the marketing occasion.

any brand, you need to have their own personality and bottom line. A mature brand marketing ideas and management system of well-known companies will not be considered in this way for viral marketing". Borrow more to pay attention to "three to" transfer positive energy to users and consumers. Positive energy, is to make everyone feel good things, like Baoqiang Wang divorce, UNIQLO this event is a typical example, in violation of the law, touching the moral bottom line occasion, will cause a negative impact to the public and society. Secondly, to consider the hot events and brand products are produced, if the correlation is not strong, only to do with abruptly, in fact, the effect is not necessarily good.

finally, taking advantage of the marketing and.