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Thinking about network marketing from the first snow

it’s snowing today. It’s the first snow in 2012. When I go home, I think, this old naive will marketing ah, can call others to help him spread, and spread very fast. If the "Snow" is a product, will be hot, there are two reasons why. One reason is the scarcity of things to dilute expensive, 365 days a year to see when the snow is very small, so only a few times. So make sure he’s worth it. Another reason is conducive to the spread of any good things need to spread, the faster the spread of the broader, then the more sales, the higher the profit.

sat in the car, his mind flashed a lot of thoughts, make blind and disorderly conjectures, soon the brain capture a lock problem. How to let more people in the shortest possible time to give me a dollar? This question is very interesting, I did not inhibit the brain’s thinking on this issue, although this problem seems to be a little 2 and naive. So the brain in this problem, began roaming, I began to search for the existence of the case in my consciousness.

I first thought is, begging, walking street, but the results are very different ways to observe, once a beggar, in just one hour, collecting coins and paper money, for two hundred yuan. However, a place in the side but only tens of dollars so poor money, why such a big difference, I stopped to observe thinking, find out the two reasons: 1 of the people with soft in begging, but also the original handwriting, live show. And next to that, there is no soft marketing. Just kneel kowtow. 2 public opinion caused onlookers, large parts of the people, with a range of chalk fence more than and 10 feet square, but the only next to the abbot of. This is the facade.

second I think that everyone needs to sell products, sell products, such as mineral water, everyone drink mineral water, but later encounter problems, how to sell to let everyone buy mineral water, it is necessary to set up channels, traditional channels need a very long time. But the Internet is not the same. Set up very fast. Traditional channels to be in-depth and detailed, like a knot. But the Internet has helped build the network.

third I think is to sell virtual products, such as selling a joke, then the great people have trouble, trouble when you need to resolve and recruit people sharing, this time to provide others with a joke, or share other people’s troubles, and others received a yuan of money, we are willing to.

fourth I think, sell the belief, people have to go to the temple or church habit, every time I go to the temple, all devout kneeling that a sacred Buddha, then is willing to put money in a very active next to an opening inside the box, the box above wrote three words: merit box. But on the ground, there are geographical restrictions. On the Internet, is it possible to make such a web site, people’s pious learning, purify the mind after the voluntary voluntary money out???