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How to find the first batch of core seed users

this week has not write articles, because I found that the derivative of the content, I seem to have written, whether you need the basic 0 began to learn the content, or have some level of operation of the road, can be found in the public. So, I was sleepy, do not know how to provide good content. In the previous article, I also said, will gradually go to a higher level to see the problem, write articles.

so, these days have been looking for relatively great people, on the one hand, is to get the content from these great people there, on the other hand, can maintain their relationships, to put these relationships into better content sources, for everyone to share. If you have a good expert or have a good share, welcome to my private chat, let us back 30 thousand fans together with you sharing ha.

today this topic, I think many people should be very concerned about whether to do APP or do, or make a public number, even if it is to do micro business, all users need to.

so, today in my own case, said that the method to obtain the original user, here I only talk about the original user (seed users) but not completely, the core of the user, because the core users also need to sift in the original family, then in-depth analysis into the core users.

when it comes to get users or traffic, we probably can be divided into two categories, get paid and free access. In the majority of Internet products or projects, the acquisition of seed users, or rely on the free strategy.

I had to do in the micro electricity supplier’s home and sell nuts, but also through the free access to a number of users.

and this method, in fact, summed up very simple,

continued through the text of the form of brainwashing.

of course, it will compare the system. Divided into two parts.

1 WeChat sellers of

first, locate the product attributes, according to the product attributes to find the most concentrated place.

I was selling nuts in Taobao, just at that time because every year in September to sell, sell to second years in March basically do not have goods, so when September comes, in fact I have is from the beginning of 0 to do, because Taobao store after six months of silence, and praise what all the sales 0, equivalent to a 0 store sales. So, in a short time to do the rankings, the difficulty can be imagined. So, I began to slowly study how to external drainage from Taobao.

at that time I did not how to use WeChat, QQ more, so the first thing to consider is the forum post, and then leave the phone number and QQ number. In the major sites made a lot of posts, of course, most will be deleted. Then, there will be a start when the effect is very good, then the effect becomes worse.

so, this post, every day >