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Li Kaifu gives you a new chicken soup Chinese entrepreneurs must go to Silicon Valley

tiger sniffing note: Li Kaifu spent half a month’s time, with a team of 100 people (which contains a lot of entrepreneurs) to visit the 26 sector celebrities Silicon Valley and 18 very influential enterprises, in the words of Li Kaifu, is on the brush face". March 4th, tiger sniffing reprinted a part of them, especially Li Kaifu through in-depth exchanges with Silicon Valley firms and celebrities, some of the latest technology trends he saw, such as VR, AR, is be in full swing of UAV and artificial intelligence. This is the first part of the Silicon Valley Li Kaifu share the same reproduced from what one sees and hears, Sina Technology, Sina Technology dictated by Li Kaifu, editor Li Gen finishing, Li Kaifu mainly talked about why not let entrepreneurs pay a penny to take them to see the Silicon Valley innovation works stolen after service. He spoke of musk and small bar for some reason not to see those exchanges, old friend Li Kaifu, visited him again with China entrepreneurs. Silicon Valley for Chinese entrepreneurs, what does it mean?


below is Li Kaifu’s share:

entrepreneurs lack what

our trip to Silicon Valley, is the Innovation workshop after service. We took the brotherhood members and the team of nearly 100 people in the workshop, and almost all of Silicon Valley’s old friends visited again. In addition to the right thing is not in the Elon Musk, as well as when the father of Zuckerberg, the other with entrepreneurs to visit a.


(Li Kaifu and Google CEO Sundar Pichai)

talk about the background, from the development of innovation works, we continuously from the beginning based on their own for the industry and the market to determine the layout of investment, and then provide value through investment and service all aspects to help entrepreneurs. Later, we found that with the development of all aspects of the industry, see a mutual community the importance of entrepreneurs, and if you can get some senior mentor is very important, so we do the brotherhood and heroes.

inside the brotherhood and the heroes, we also often in the discussion, and recently discussed the most is: we these entrepreneurs are missing what


finally come to the conclusion that our entrepreneurial ability in some aspects: strong knowledge, product ability, management ability, strategy and competition tactics, also after the brotherhood expanded relationships with each other between the upstream and downstream cooperation etc.. But at present, there is a lack of view of the pattern, the world outlook, etc., this is actually the difference between the $one billion company and billions of dollars of the company.

specifically, an entrepreneur may wonder how the overall function of the product to do more, users get a little more than, but if the pattern is not big enough, long term vision is not enough, such as how to use a word to describe my company on how to change the world ", I feel.