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Marketing treasure how to quickly establish contacts (on)

took over a network marketing friends for a long time, in fact, for this work is not strange, before doing a station and for enthusiasts website content, have more or less contact with this stuff, but no system is done. Recently, often with some friends, find that they know many things, but it is too fragmented, so I decided to write out some ideas: one is to be able to communicate with more people, the two is to organize their own ideas. Of course, if you write something that can help others, is the best. OK, get to the point of


marketing is one of the most important? Some people may say that we should have the ability, but also some people will be said to worry about, there are people who will say that the company is better platform…… And I think the most important thing is the rich connections. Specific reasons not to say, I believe there have been some work experience, have experience. The so-called network, it is people who know more, we can give you face, further, this person is your visibility is high, we are willing to cooperate with you and you know. There is no way to quickly and effectively build their own network, the answer is yes. Today, I would like to share with you how to quickly establish contacts, or to establish a personal brand awareness.

one, the important role of IM software

believe that the vast majority of market participants, most of the time is hanging on the Internet, through QQ/MSN and other IM software for external communication and exchange. It can be said that these software is your second face, second mouth. In the application process of the software, is there some way to let it help us to more effectively carry out the work? The answer is yes, but I have found a lot of friends ignore this, today and everyone to take this opportunity to say.

1, a good screen name. With the popularity of the Internet, more and more people used to meet that net, but was ignored. For example I know, I called a lot of mess, but know my name is Jiang Likun, I did not know a few people. So it is very necessary to have a strong affinity, easy to remember and impressive name. A good name, people will remember, leaving an indelible impression. This is also the basis for the establishment of personal brand.

some people may ask, why not do the net name? That’s a good question. Quite satisfactory, generally have no real name, not easy to remember. We can only give up reluctantly. Of course, if you meet some of the characteristics of the real name, but it is the best. For example, I have a friend named Qian Qian, real name is called money.

2, do not easily change the name. If you do not often do some shady things being recognized words, do not easily change the name. Let a stranger remember you is easy, not easy to remember, you have to change the name, so toss down, but often you are dealing with people who can remember who you are? Not to mention the establishment of what is known. And you are unfamiliar with the day to find you talk about > Q