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The practical application of Google extension

(a) and links to their site advertising reasons and suggestions to the promotion of user   does not see Google

1, click to view your promotion rate is low  

2, check your daily budget on the  


has strict requirements on the keywords and advertising words. If the key word or the editor of the advertisement does not meet the requirements, it is not possible to submit or log in. In this case, your promotion will not come into effect, the business Commissioner will inform you of the reasons for the failure of the e-mail, and propose to amend the program. After you get the confirmation, the problem is generally smooth and normal login.  

4, check your choice of promotion area  

Click to prevent non interference on the advertising potential customers, Google promotion have very clear requirements of the target language and the target area, only the target area of the user in the target language access to your keywords, your promotion will appear. Users of non target areas are not able to see your ads without using the target language.     />