A brief review of the site planning!

now want to do a personal website I have the starting point of the following aspects of the   the site is located in the reader group is thoughtful, insightful, patriotic sentiment of young people.

1, national integrity: the face of flashy social phenomenon, behind the national integrity. In this era of peace, promote the strong and national integrity, what kind of relationship. For example, some time ago Zong Qinghou and Danone thing to comment.

2, youth positions: the spirit of the young people to discuss and carry forward the spirit of. Of course, the article is not the kind of rigid dogma of

3, big comment entertainment

to discuss the entertainment phenomenon in today’s society, such as I think of an article: entertainment star recording using a recording software = sports star doping. This is not to deceive the public, the destruction of art?

4, moved green network   carry forward the moving side of

in general, it is hoped that in another form to improve the spiritual civilization of some people. As the saying goes, the pace of China’s spiritual civilization than the slow progress of the construction of material civilization.


website for related to the content of  
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= people />= new anti aggression =
= military power =
= youth position I most young =
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= unremitting self-improvement of life of youth youth the campus =
= cyanine green rice found on =
= entertainment star star =
= attitude />= entertainment speculation blink =
= entertainment splash =
= boutique map =
= moved moving characters of =
= event =< br />= moved suddenly moved =
= moved quotations =
in the first 3 parts in   most of the original


I do not understand technology can only use existing web applications such as: DZ