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Reflections on Baidu 6.22 and 6.28 incident response

on the "Baidu 6.22 and 6.28 incident response" thinking

6.22 and since the incident occurred in, Baidu finally sat still, in the Baidu webmaster platform published on the 6.22 and 6.28 events Lee reply". In the author as a 8 year old webmaster impression, which is one of the few Baidu for their own algorithm to adjust the statement.

statement appears at least such a few questions: 1, the Baidu algorithm to adjust the number of sites spread. 2, Baidu huge efforts to adjust the algorithm. 3, Baidu this algorithm is mainly aimed at small and medium sites. 4, Baidu this algorithm is a failure to adjust the adjustment.

here we focus on the issue of 4, Baidu’s success of this algorithm is adjusted


look at Baidu’s own statement:

"this update for the low quality of the site in the search results show more of control; low quality sites refer to: no original or false original (rarely original content, or content / machine generated a large collection of the Amendment); this part of the site is not designed for end users, but only to get traffic from search engines."

that the adjustment of the Baidu algorithm is mainly aimed at low quality sites, cheating sites. The characteristics of this kind of site is no original, false original. That is, the right to drop or fall Baidu K should be no original content or only pseudo original content site.

what is the truth? Here we do a test, the search for easy design original writing published in the home of an article:

Title: three of the most important security settings for


search results are as follows:


in addition to easy to design their own web site in the home of Chinz and Admin5 can be regarded as the original, the other site reproduced article should only be regarded as non original or false original. But none of these sites were punished or most were not punished.

why? Careful observation of these sites can be found, these sites have relatively high weight. That Baidu algorithm to punish or K out of what site is


fact has been very clear, and only a few new sites or lower weight stations, will be punished or K.

that as the original author of the love of easy design studio links have not been included in Baidu? The fact is, no! Love easy design has now been 6.28 Baidu K off.

Baidu may say these are examples.

similar to the above experiments we can continue to do. Here are a few articles in the home of the love of easy design published articles: