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80% of people did not notice the back-end profits


these days, my brother bought a PS4 game, not to ask me to play, I talk about this guy is grew up playing big, very love to play the game, but the game level class, have the talent, but he did not give the potential to carry forward.

just bought a PS game on the first day I called to play, said the picture is very good, I have a Baidu PS4, the game screen is OK, is a man will have a plot of the game, so I went to experience a.

game fluency and experience is indeed very OK, I asked my brother PS4 now how much money, he said a little more than 2000, I heard a strange, and now how so cheap, it seems to be before the more than 3 thousand. There used to be an English version or a Japanese version of the game, this is the Chinese version of the.


market has been real and visible China international market, behind the surprising PS game is cheap, but the game is very expensive, casual games will cost 300 yuan, but also pay attention to is a PS4 game on the game was not free the version is not piracy.

only choose to buy genuine game discs to play a game, 2 game 300 yuan, 600 yuan, the 3, 4, 5 games to thousands of dollars a day, then, casually buy game software before you can buy a PS game.

I gradually understand that SONY, why give up the front of the profit space to expand market share China, game player on the surface to bring the gospel, in fact, it is from the development of the front to rear mining value of profit.

win10 is the same, not in selling software, win10 is used as a carrier in the front, as long as the shop front with sufficient volume, casually into a commercial application, the absolute profit is a potential more than selling software.

and SONY’s PS4 game console is using a similar approach, although the game price is cheap, but if you want to play the game a lot of things inside, all the money, as can be imagined, this is equivalent to a money making machine, as long as you love PS4 game, will always pay.

if you want to experience a better service, and on the Internet to play online games to play, opening the service to play, is not terrible, that there are many similar services.

casually a game CD on 300 yuan, ha ha! Good violence ah

has a front end, making money through the back end is really what we need now.

homogenization of product competition is too serious, coupled with the economic downturn, so that we are forced to make these businesses really helpless. But we converse


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