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Old pregnant community a local forum for some of the common promotion experience

to tell you the truth, now do local forum or industry website, is more suitable; you think, we don’t know the father of a generation on the Internet; but in a few years when we became the mainstream of society, the network customer will live with very close contact; now look at the newspaper, rose to 1. The future, would you be willing to spend 1 dollars to read newspapers, or the Internet? So do stand it; when nothing will look at the A5 and other station, feeling A5 is a writer of the tribe, I had my first post here with my experience; that is your own experience; and is very powerful. I hope you keep doing it


, [1] first introduced innovative consciousness, I am from Jiangsu Huaian, originally called Huaiyin, so my station location, the name of the old Huaiyin community, so do local station must start with the local search for famous and meaningful names; they want to continue to find: a phenomenon: the old community of Huaiyin old community =http://s.bbs.laohy.com = pregnant, you have found in the middle of this middle, this name with my website is the name of the

visual impact!

2 [], to find a breakthrough in the marketing, I read many articles, this stuff should be my personal extension; to check the local keyword in the Baidu index zhishu.baidu.com, if I was in Huaian, I will enter Huaian at Baidu, and then click the search space, Huaian most is arranged below, well, these are key words; put him inside the search index, look at the daily search volume how many, I compare, Huaian talent network daily traffic is about 2500, and how to do; I apply for a domain name: http://s.huaianrencaiwang.com.cn [Huaian talent network], you see we must find the local search; the largest amount to do; because of this with Baidu ranking or say SEO; the content of this site in addition, later found the suffix.Gov.cn ranking If the weight is higher than the other, so did not regret for the suffix; my application for this purpose is: this domain name is easy to do, and then do a little to enrich the content, you copy, or update the talent network, must change the content, then the page changed under the code, so open this talent network program, will play to the forum, so put the flow to the Forum; the best play to the forum forum inside;

3, [see] try other former friends said QQ group, I tested, I bought a software; crazy with several local area and several counties of the QQ group, because not all the test, because of personal energy is limited, I tested ten; the effect is still there, you I see the highest flow below the forum will know that two days is the highest flow test; later has been working on Huaian talent network program, to find a lot of source; I was on the QQ message, you can see my "Huai" and "Huaian city tea night"


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