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When will the company network marketing into the sales plan

although it is clear that the exaggeration of the "marketing grail" of the Internet has become an integral part of the company’s marketing strategy, it is clear. Today, practitioners are trying to understand whether web marketing is significant, and if so, what types of activities they should take. The extent of the impact of the Internet on marketing varies by industry type. However, seeking answers to the following questions will help clarify the extent to which the company may conduct network efforts.

1) the product of the target segment display on the Internet? And consumers must be the product of physical examination? If the condition is true, the network can become an important and effective means of marketing and sales channels. Examples of the industry include books, music, catalogs, tourism, software and financial services.

2) is the goal of the product being displayed on the web and is the product demanding a very prudent purchasing decision, if the conditions are true, the network has the potential to affect off – line sales. For these types of products, the network can be used to generate awareness and to provide more information to interested customers to explore and expand. A well-designed network information activity can be used to guide the customer from the exploration to the commitment stage. Examples include automotive, real estate and prescription drugs.

3) the product of the target segment display on the Internet? And the product is a widely recognized brand with goods? If so, the network can be used to establish and strengthen the brand assets and increase sales. In this case, marketers are generally limited to brand and reactive network marketing tools. Examples include beer, tobacco, fast food and snacks.

4) for other kind of make products, such as only a highly commercialized, very small differences in brand products, consumer packaging products include purchasing plan, and the main consumers of offline products, network will likely impact on marketing is very small. For this type of product, the role of the network may be limited to promotion / coupons, product samples, and the excess inventory clearing.

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