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Most people are imitating only a few people are creating

is probably more than a year ago began to pay attention to W, concerned about sanshui.

When the

H5 content in the form of Masamori, those from the hands of the W — for example, "we have a word", "youth is what color", "nine step" and "the strange calls you dare to take it" H5 work is still in the circle of friends scraper.


but soon, Sanshui publicly said: W do not H5.

In fact,

said, W is not a single H5 project, only the whole case marketing. Because there is no support for the depth of the strategy, only for Hyun technology H5, bound to live soon.

W later, the case also works like H5 hanging open, such as the hacker "viral video for public comment the overlord hackers do for NewBlance Compaign#"; this is our primary #, and more recently Jonathan Lee and cooperation NewBlance110 anniversary # every step counts #; the ten anniversary of the battle of # brand bean our spirit # corner…… Later, I see Sanshui in the circle of friends from time to time the release of W original music "," singing "dingo elegy for the future advertising song"……


as a user and an observer, I often like a gift of children: this time, W will bring us what kind of surprise?

in May of this year when we organize # chief content officer # evolution experiments, Li Sanshui immediately thought of the teacher, this can put ads made gifts, in the end what hidden trick



3 water teacher was invited to the chief content officer evolution experiment class

a 4.5 hour share, it also said that after hearing enough, nothing can do.

the following, it is Sanshui share consolidation, as it is a bit after I heard this talk rubbish hall share.

W has a lot of people works on but what is all for having heard it many times, these works behind the logic of


before we talk about the W case behind all those Shuabing, Sanshui teacher throws a question to us: who is the owner of the


who is the owner of the brand, most of the time we will think of the company’s business owners, or the service of the brand advertisers. After the analysis of unraveling works, Sanshui teacher gave him in the practice of the answer:

share master


Who is the

brand master? Is the 12 minute advertisement copy word for word and sentence for sentence people; the frenzied wrote a three thousand and five hundred word review, said he is not taken seriously in the world.


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