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At the beginning of the development of public numbers and APP choose which

at the beginning of the business, a lot of friends heard me say entrepreneurship, will be a look of excitement asked: do you want to develop APP?. At this time a friend will face "don’t know, I guess they think is that cattle A 7 business, originally is a public number and a look of disdain.


asked a friend of this problem is because the layman, I just started and they are the same, feel that they should also be on the whole APP tall, but after a thorough understanding, only to find the public number is correct.

today I’m going to talk about why I chose to develop public numbers instead of APP. From the two aspects of development and operation to elaborate on it:

first, the development cost of APP is high, whether it is labor cost, time cost, or economic cost.

native APP development, you need to decide first: Android, iOS two systems, which I would like to give priority to the development of any one means to give up the other part of the mobile phone users. If there is enough data to prove that you have to use the phone most of the target users are iOS, or Android, it is not difficult to make this decision. But the problem is: most of the mobile phone users accounted for the proportion of entrepreneurial projects is not much difference, and entrepreneurs want to collect the right data also need to spend money to spend time, or else make decisions on the feeling. Or you can develop two at the same time, but that means you have to equip with two sets of people, whether it is outsourcing or self built, for entrepreneurs, this is not a small cost. After the development is not over, but also to APP STORE and Android market, not all developed software can be on the line, need to wait for the two platform audit, to shelf clearance after being rejected if it hit back after revision, if the development team is built well, if outsourcing means even with the third party company to negotiate, think about it, this cost down, no line of software, these things can make light friction to the consumption of dead the startups.

and the public number is different, first of all, cross platform, the public number is relying on WeChat and WeChat, as long as there is a mobile phone, there can be no public, there is no consideration is the development of Android and IOS problems. Secondly, the development of the public number in the software requirements without Android, APP STORE so many terms, of course does not violate the provisions of WeChat, for example, can not have interest induced behavior, otherwise it will be suspended push or suspension of punishment, of course, these two platforms than forest total shelf requirements. Have a lot of simple. Again, the number of public interface ability also greatly improved a lot, certified service number, WeChat provides the interface services of various types, from the payment, customer service, to the third party software docking has been mature, so to meet the general needs of the business is no problem.

we were at that time


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