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Mango TV B round valuation of 13 billion 500 million after it can help accelerate the forefront of v

today, mango TV burst has been completed B round of financing, financing amount of nearly 1 billion 500 million yuan, after the investment valuation of $13 billion 500 million. Compared to last June after the 7 billion valuation of investment, mango TV round valuation is almost doubled.

however, this figure is not higher than mango TV expected.

can be corroborated, as early as the end of last year, Hunan radio and TV station Lv Huanbin officially announced that the mango TV was launched in November B round of financing, then the argument is has attracted more than 60 institutions, 20 billion of the funds involved in the declaration, and vote before the valuation has reached 12 billion yuan. According to mango TV president Nie Mei said, probably will sell 10% of the shares, and investors are in the state capital, is the role of financial investors.


can be seen through combing, mango TV this goal is scheduled to achieve, and in the process, mango TV valuation model has also undergone a major change.

at the completion of the A round of financing, Nie Mei accepted the interview, she said the entertainment capital of the 6 billion last year, mango TV valuation, "there are 4 billion of Internet TV is recognized, accounted for 2/3".


Nie Mei

But according to

today found the little entertainment interviewed several investors B round, most of them think that Internet TV is currently not so smooth growth of Xing Yuan the year before, but with the end of TV content tightening policy, mango TV successfully become the TV quality content of the "safe harbor", while the homemade mango TV ecological construction, has become a a growth pole.

The former

, there is no doubt that the TV to mango TV "," mother "where Dad is Superman"; the latter is the "Star", "detective half demon Qingcheng" so homemade content.

can be said that the current mango TV unique strategy and self-control has been a lot of recognition, and its B round of investment side Everbright Everbright new entertainment told small entertainment, C round we are likely to continue to vote."


has such a powerful content mango production capacity from the Department of endorsement, but the video site logic, mango TV is still facing strong challenges: one is the background of state-owned assets, and lead to Iqiyi and other sites to burn; on the other hand, because of its state-owned background, mango TV rhythm and efficiency in financing take small steps, had to trot (one year round, each round of dilution to 10%) "way.

From the traditional

service module, the video website industry has now entered the 3+2 from the 3+n pattern, mango TV can enter the 2, whether produced phenomenal program, last year a key; from the emerging field of view, mango TV’s risk preference and decision-making process, whether to keep pace with the VR, live in areas such as


above, will undoubtedly become the most concern of everyone


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