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The same is the marketing style of play but why play down to earth

feelings, the style of the brand, to make the topic of communication, drop drop is to sell?

before to do marketing, you need a location: the marketing is to what? Usually marketing will bring for the promotion of the party is: brand, spread or sales, such as Luo Yonghao’s feelings, various positive and negative PR communication and direct sellers "gifts send melatonin".

white haired old woman + orange + sweet first love


this picture once popular network, netizens have said: this advertising play is really fine, in place of

warm heart!

but the question is, what is the real scene of this map? If the campus, this is a very loving picture, pictures, and all the young people heard the propaganda to spread and netizens have different approaches but equally satisfactory results, because we are young people, understand this wonderful advertisement.

to change the scene, a simple old food market, eyeful of green man holding a good hand + home moms, "sweet love" can have much


think "sweet sweet" mountain jujube, "the most sweet" roasted sweet potatoes…… It’s still the warm scene of the campus.

in addition to figuring out the purpose of marketing before, you also need to understand what the real needs of users, and then from here to do an effective marketing.

is also a cow can only be called a forced


marketing is not to think about it first before the user in the market in the end what needs? When you let people buy lottery tickets on "welfare"? How are not as good as the "winning" function to the more attractive! So, the first picture "down to earth" and the second picture is very successful, "playing style" the play is invalid.

I want 1% life, why fire? This is not for the approval of others, over the years but still adhere to the dream final success story "cliche" but novel, vulgar story mode, good story is true and reliable, after all it was Chen Anni in comic form of expression.

marketing people need to understand is that humans often with emotions on a share and, if people learn marketing naturally affects the mood, can let the marketing effort, such as bring young people to "love" the beautiful dream, driven by the grass root variable height rich handsome lottery dream, bring people never forget. The spirit of self pursuit of dreams……

so, good marketing is often not just "effective", will let users happiness within.

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