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Marketing millet why the stars fell into the personal independence of conduct endorsement of the con

recently, millet red rice phone fiery release, millet before the sale of the product is also a warm-up in the sales of foot. Prior to the national endorsement campaign has attracted a lot of people’s attention, and this time invited three stars for the red rice millet endorsement. Although the three star endorsement also looks great in strength and impetus, but always let people feel some misfits and the previous millet promotional copy on. Why in the marketing of millet also fall into the personal independence of conduct the endorsement of the conventional marketing? Behind this presage millet overall strategy has changed



millet marketing has been simple, crisp, creative

millet company’s previous product promotional copy, concise and lively. To highlight the characteristics of products, new forms of many copy is a classic case of remarkable.


and now the millet copywriting is not able to see the oppo brand faintly shadow, although now there is still publicity strategy for oppo, sniff at vivo a lot of people, but you have to admit the importance of today’s oppo vivo, by virtue of this propaganda strategy already in Chinese intelligent mobile phone market share and unshakable, its mobile phone sales rise directly to a high position even more than millet.


network sales go down the line of sales into the main battlefield of the future

On the one hand, thanks to the success of its own mobile phone

cost-effective route, while on the other hand more benefit from its network sales operations model. Millet first as an entrepreneurial technology companies, before the biggest challenge is how to sell your mobile phone? The main store sales for the newly established millet would be Shajiquluan, the millet with Internet sales of Dongfeng and panic buying mode fame.

Internet sales model for the early millet save the huge operating costs caused by the opening of the store, but also to avoid confrontation with traditional vendors. But the Internet also panic buying cleverly solved the influence of millet early productivity caused by insufficient, limited panic buying has greatly stimulated the user’s desire to buy the products of the great scarcity of time for millet sales boomed out.

With the development of

Chinese intelligent mobile phone market, mobile phone brand more and more, many enterprises are using the Internet sales of the relatively low cost of sales channels, and consumers of fresh sales network has gradually faded, the market tends to be saturated in.

The advantage of sales of the

line gradually emerged at this time, in the three or four line of the city and some of the less developed areas of mobile phone sales mainly to the main line stores, early deep line market, oppo vivo will ever catch up. Facts prove that the future of China’s smart phone is still the main battlefield online market.



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