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How to save energy You’re comfortable with the pit

has long heard that the first impression is very important. Until now, I found that the first impression is really important. How important it is to have a first impression, and then no second impression, and no more than third, fourth impression.

that is to say, the dominance of the first impression is brutal. Once it takes up a hole in your head, it will go away.

this idea projected onto the marketing above, is the legendary positioning theory. The so-called positioning, is to find a vacancy in the user’s mind, and then fill the vacancy. Note that this is a vacancy, no one is occupied by the pit. Positioning of the first to clear the following questions:

1, positioning does not lie in the creation, but the association

The basic method of

positioning is not to create a new, different thing, but to manipulate the existing knowledge in the mind, to re organize the existing association.

is not new in order to be different in positioning time. When a normal person sees a new thing, the first question in his mind is the question mark. He will not touch the new thing until it is broken. The only way to break the question mark is to use the knowledge and experience already in his mind to speculate on the unknown.

so, connect your image with familiar things, otherwise people will always with strange eyes staring at you, for you at a distance.

those with the reputation of the boss of the market is a typical example of the enterprise. For example, at the beginning of the Mengniu played a big brother to Erie to learn, the slogan, the boss mentioned everywhere, and then we all know mengniu. Mengniu has not come out, when the public is familiar with the brand of Yili, Mengniu through their own associated with the Erie, it is hard to borrow a force.

again, before Coca-Cola launched a cola crystal, transparent, not like traditional Cola color, the discontinued, because users feel that this color is not cola.

is not used to subvert the cognitive, but used to correlate and extend, do not attempt to force the user to open up a brain for you to understand the island.

2, the vacancy in the user’s mind to find, rather than looking for

in the market

we can’t always sell things that no one else is selling. When you find a product in the market no one is selling, do not be happy to think that they have found a market vacancy, you have to think about whether it is something that no one wants to. You go to Africa to sell whitening products, are you working so hard.

so, to find your place, you need to ask people what they lack. First from the person’s mind to find a vacancy, and then go to the market to compare the degree of competition, the two most basic steps should not be reversed.

if users feel >


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