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n August, Suning Electric Youxian Jingdong a reign of terror

this year is considered to be a major reshuffle of website of business a year, Jingdong, Suning, Gome, Dangdang and other domestic electricity supplier giants have played the regardless of the cost of the price war, and strive to use the RMB down opponents in a year’s time. With the 818 anniversary of the arrival of Suning, a price war started again! Suning.com today (August 15th) began the anniversary discount, 0 yuan to buy the digital electric we start again. At the same time, the Jingdong began to price competition in the mall this morning, and by the electrical appliances marketing vice president CEO Liu Qiangdong personally took command of the Jingdong! Frequently in micro-blog provocative banter suning. Your little wife wash in the suning.com ice, according to its said this morning to start the whole office will sound Ding boiling, constantly refresh a page of Jingdong, again the price adjustment according to the price, on the other hand also busy micro-blog responded to Liu Qiangdong’s provocation, but also to prevent all electric scalpers.

at the same time, various problems come in a throng. Suning.com in the morning pages cannot be opened, probably due to the anniversary discount, a large number of Internet users into, cause the server overwhelmed. In addition, the Jingdong found the price is awesome, but the vast majority of the city have shown no goods, users Voices of discontent. Maybe it’s just a little trick in the price war.

website price war like a raging fire, micro-blog slobber war rampant. Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong has been a provocation and Suning, dangdang.com CEO Li Guoqing questioning the Jingdong’s price war, said Jingdong guaranteed price war superiority is based on Jingdong online price comparison Suning Gome store price, no significance. Say useless, posted a few pictures of micro-blog to give you a long position.






as Li Guoqing said, this is not a price war, but the purpose is to shape the image of low-cost private network. As an ordinary person, we do not need to tangle in their conflicts and disputes, as long as the price is low enough, less than the store price, as long as the good customer service, good service in the store, then we will embrace. This little finger warned all tell me, everyone needs a friend to have electric business circle next year panic buying, maybe there will be no price war when contention of a hundred schools of thought of the situation, even though there is not so much promotion.

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