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Analysis of the user behavior in the network marketing of small and medium sized enterprises

notes: when the wrong direction, the harder is the farther the distance.

with the rapid development of e-commerce, enterprise "electric shock" has become an inevitable choice. A lot of enterprises can be found, although a lot of manpower and material resources in network marketing, the effect is not so ideal, what are the reasons? The author thinks, this is because many companies do not do the user behavior analysis, especially the analysis of target customers and potential customers for habits.

below, the author of practical work experience, summed up the user behavior analysis of several key points for your reference.

focus one: where your customers come from

, that is to say, your customers will usually come to your website through what way? The way to share and exchange of information on the Internet has a lot of, but different industries and products, the potential users looking for the product pattern of behavior is not the same.

for example, if it is to buy clothes, bags and other consumer goods, there may be a large part of consumers think of the first choice is to stroll around Taobao. In fact, in these categories of consumer goods, Taobao may account for more than 70% of the entire electricity supplier turnover, while the rest of the share is basically a number of brands and large electricity providers to occupy. At this time, if a merchant to sell clothes, their brand publicity has not followed up, the audience is not wide, but choose to put in the form of Baidu bid to do promotion, obviously the effect will be very bad.

so do business in the network marketing, is the first step to, if you are a user, when you want to buy the company’s products will, where access to information? Is Taobao, or Baidu search, or some shopping sites recommend, or some type of B2B platform in different sites? The behavior pattern determines the different ways of network marketing.

focus two: what your customers are concerned about

do network marketing has two key points, one is how to attract customers to your site, another is how to attract customers to produce the actual transaction, and completes the basic second point is to understand the customer’s concerns, to do the preparatory work in website design and customer service training hand.

For example, if

is a class of bags to buy clothes, customers, the main concern is the appearance of the product, the price, followed by quality. So in the website copywriting and design, beautiful pictures, the appropriate pricing may be the most important, careless. It is hard to believe that even if the product picture can be taken to the site of the blurred clothes to sell products.

for example, if it is the sale of health care products, the site needs to focus on the customer to understand the strength of the company, the quality of the product, the efficacy of the past. So in the website structure and the arrangement of the text should also focus on these key to expand.

do network marketing is like building >


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