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Mobile payment = online shopping stimulant Look at the mobile payment dispute with Taobao

media news, China Mobile has been identified in Hunan, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangdong, four provinces pilot mobile payment business, technology and business plan basically completed. Then it will launch what? A mobile phone payment tool (brand), a mobile Internet trading platform, is good.

of course, there is competition. At present, the third party payment platform, banking, mobile communication industry, have launched their own mobile phone payment services, and fierce competition there will be inevitable, who all want to capture opportunities, who all want to seize the opportunity in the market from the original third party payment, so cooperation with banks and mobile operators will change in a way, that is to say at the same time several options are available in a mobile phone on the mobile phone payment tool, which will lead to vicious competition, we still can not predict, but can imagine is that it will be a is more drastic than the Second World War in the race, who temporarily wins is also difficult to see the outcome.

last year, Alibaba B2C, Taobao and Alipay mobile phone business has started to test the mobile trading platform and payment service; according to internal sources, Alipay mobile phone technology and software application has entered the closed beta stage a small range of application and may, before the end of the official in large range; now coupled with mobile operators the mobile phone payment business is wildly beating gongs and drums speed up promoting the next round, the third party payment storm will burst expansion on mobile phone platform.

it is understood that the current single user of Alipay has been close to 200 million, and once launched its mobile phone payment services, will be an easy job to do urge these users use Alipay mobile phone service, and then follow the TenPay, quick money, BaiduPay and three party payment platform, according to the number of mobile telecom, China Unicom, three mobile the operator’s existing nearly 700 million mobile phone users (and 150 million mobile phone users), there will be nearly 130 million of users will use mobile phone payment services or try a conservative estimate, the rapid development of the mobile phone payment early will play a role in promoting the explosive.

thus, built in technology and platform has been initially completed, and then a relatively perfect security plus mobile phone payment will be in nearly two years of hundreds of millions of mobile phone users is quickly use; and the service launch, the most benefit must be the online shopping industry, mobile phone will also be paid to it convenient, whenever and wherever possible the unique advantages will once again push the innovation of online shopping and mobile phone upgrade, wind and mobile online shopping platform, thus makes the popularization of domestic online shopping market rate to further stimulate the online shopping, payment platform, channel has become more diversified, and even the formation of a new wave of online shopping two the revolution.

especially at the present stage, online shopping is becoming multi direction deep penetration of the environment, mobile phone payment is equivalent to the online shopping market once again a large outbreak in order to create more favorable conditions, so we have reason to believe that online shopping will likely launch because of mobile phone payment services, greatly enhance the integrity of online shopping.


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