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Electricity supplier website micro-blog marketing road

Although micro-blog

is just two years ago the rise in China, but with its interactivity, simplicity and effectiveness, attracted hundreds of millions of Chinese Internet users have registered. According to statistics, as of the second quarter of 2013, the number of micro-blog and Tencent, the country’s largest Sina platform has more than five hundred million.

with micro-blog has become the most popular, stylish social applications, more and more e-commerce sites began to use micro-blog platform for promotion. As an emerging online interactive platform, micro-blog’s advantage is very prominent: wide spread, fast spread, no geographical time constraints, concise and vivid variety of content. Gradually, the electricity supplier website began marketing through the micro-blog platform, the use of micro-blog to potential customers to spread the site dynamic, product information, and then establish a good image of the site, driven by the site’s traffic and orders.

below, Xiao Bian will share some of the electricity supplier website in micro-blog marketing experience, I hope you can help micro-blog marketing.

1 content

electricity supplier website in micro-blog marketing, should first start from the content. Compared with the forwarding content, original micro-blog content more easily attract the attention of fans, therefore, suggest that you adhere to the daily published several original micro-blog, enhance readability, content vivid and interesting, can use the website address + text + picture form, to attract the attention of fans.

at the same time, micro-blog in the forwarding of others, we should first choose a hot topic in a relatively high degree of concern, the current Sina Tencent, micro-blog have recommended a hot topic, when forwarding, with vivid language note on the forwarding reason, appropriate comments, not just a simple forwarding. In addition, you can also reply to the comments of other users in the hot topic, interact with users to attract users to visit your micro-blog home page, and even pay attention to you.

2 number

a lot of electricity supplier website of micro-blog, or a few days do not update or update every hundreds of dozens, or even hundreds, not only caused micro-blog content lack of readability, but also may cause fans disgusted, unfollow. In general, the original micro-blog maintained at around five a day, do not deliberately pursue the number, but we must ensure that the content is valuable, can attract the attention of users and fans. In addition, it is best not to extract the netizens for having heard it many times "riff" wise words or language, after all, information spread very fast, you can publish content, it is likely that other people as early as a few months ago had seen.

3 time

suggested that the electricity supplier sites in micro-blog, try to choose the peak time of the user micro-blog brush, such as normal weekday morning and afternoon lunch time and temporary work time, so you will get back the increase possibility of micro-blog. Some certified micro-blog likes to release midnight chicken soup or website activities posters, the results of this information has not yet been waiting for users to view, drowned in the early morning of the latest micro-blog.



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