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Alibaba involved in the acquisition of small B2B market Dunhuang network

Alibaba in 2009 first quarter reported net profit year-on-year decline, before the Alibaba CEO Wei Zhe said, Alibaba will use a variety of ways, increase the Alibaba’s revenue sources, to get rid of the current situation of relying too much on membership fee and the main source of revenue. This statement seems to be on the Wei Zhe confirmed, May 13th page Alibaba suddenly appeared as a heavyweight product: Alibaba Xiaochan trade platform (http://s.alibaba.com/activities/baoming.html). This page shows that the new platform provides B2B online payment services, and free registration of the seller. But as of May 15th, the new platform Ali has not yet entered the entrance of the site in the Chinese language site Alibaba, Alibaba also did not formally publicize the platform.

Alibaba on the new platform low-key, greatly different from the usual style of Alibaba. As the largest Chinese B2B platform, launched the small trade platform of this major business products, which marks the Alibaba officially entered the online transaction type B2B services created by the Dunhuang nets


analysis of some of the B2B industry veteran, Alibaba low-key very intriguing. Currently, many of the domestic Alibaba station products for clothing, 3C and other industrial chain downstream products, in fact, very suitable for small wholesale B2B. But Alibaba’s current business model, is an online display as the core of the information platform, rather than online trading as the core trading platform. Although there is a strong financial support, but Alibaba group in the payment, information software, B2C and other fields to do a lot of action, while testing the prospects of small water B2B, the market has yet to be tested.

because of the small Alibaba, water B2B, and the biggest difficulty is not from competitors, but to themselves, the members pay an annual fee, they got in the Alibaba on this platform show the opportunity, and if the Alibaba said oneself have a platform, you can register for free, you can get abroad buyers can also order online transactions, which would be more competitive, which means that the two platforms of Alibaba constitute a competitive relationship, if Alibaba vigorously promote this platform, it means to give up part of the membership on another platform for membership fee income, a listed company, it seems to be a very tough choices. Alibaba low-key, naturally reasonable.

in fact, before the introduction of small foreign trade platform in the Alibaba, once the market rumors, the Alibaba will acquire the Dunhuang nets, but both are strongly denied. April 2009, Dunhuang CEO Wang Shutong in Ningbo, an e-commerce Forum on the public said, Alibaba and Dunhuang network is not a competitor. Wang Shutong has been his own network of Dunhuang is located in the second generation of e-commerce leader, said he did not compete with Alibaba, because Dunhuang does not


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