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Wang Hangzhou distribution preheated 2011 net goods would be particularly awesome

as a new era of network businessman, their acceptance of new things is undoubtedly the most efficient, "in order to expand each channel, each distributor must be non-stop shuttle in the country". With the advent of the distribution of the king, everything becomes simple and quick. Obviously, expand the channels of distribution for the king, the infinite docking of upstream and downstream businesses is a new starting point for the development of e-commerce is also emerging, distribution of profit model.

Alibaba 2011 Hangzhou cargo Fair will be officially opened at 9 a.m. on September 9th, the exhibition for a period of three days. The domestic ShopEx e-commerce software and service providers will be the largest rate of many brands of software system’s participation in this exhibition, including professional distribution management system — "distribution king" (http://s.fenxiaowang.com) has attracted enthusiastic attention of the majority of network operators, before the start of the fair for half a month, there have been continuous network consulting services and distribution function and determine the king exhibition location, the urgent needs of network operators to distribution business for the development of network

remarkable!Compared to last year’s

Hangzhou net goods distribution, the king of the more prepared, large posters, bright green and black color is very eye-catching; printed brochures and made tens of thousands of copies of the king’s propaganda film distribution, for each access to the booth can clearly understand customer function and service king of distribution management system, to meet the many intends to expand the network distribution channels of the network demand.


the net goods in Hangzhou, located in the south of the Yangtze River Delta, is an important center city in the Yangtze River Delta and China southeast transportation hub, attracting a large number of businesses in the Yangtze River Delta exhibition! The rapid development of economic growth in Hangzhou and the electronic information industry is inseparable, the electronic information industry in recent years has become a pillar industry in Hangzhou. The size of the electronic information industry has occupied half of the country of the electronic information industry in Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou is the formation of a "paradise Silicon Valley"


distribution network is a new e-commerce model in recent years, through extensive recruitment online distributors and the rapid development of online channels, many enterprises have been distributed through the network successfully expanded free brand, such as BELLE, shark, Joyce, wufangzhai etc.. B2C increasingly saturated in the field, making more lack of experience in the electricity supplier of traditional manufacturing more favored B2B distribution model. It is reported that this year’s Hangzhou network goods, the distribution of the staff will be more detailed introduction of the product, businesses will have the opportunity to learn more about the network distribution business. For the use of relatively professional functions of the problem, more professional products for businesses to answer one by one.

ShopEx king of distribution management system since listing in 2009, after two years of accumulation, has grown into one of the current domestic distribution system is very mature! Use distribution king system clients generally believe that the king of distribution system backstage business process more scientific and standardized, can guide users to carry out.


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