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Domestic professional e-commerce web site into the package network a comprehensive success

news December 23rd, the domestic well-known e-commerce website – bags wholesale into the packet network overall success in website revision, rewards, pictures, membership grade, payment functions, such as the scope of services to do a comprehensive revision.

after the revision of the website added bonus plan, members accumulate points 150 points can contact customer service upgrade to "customers" membership levels, lower limit and replenishment orders automatically discounted; additional professional staff, as long as the website will have to provide advisory services to professional customer service staff for your site added at any time; professional post image processing functions, make the site look more professional, more authoritative; increase the membership grade, grade membership details: http://s.jbw.com.cn/article-73.html; business scope from the mainland to Hong Kong and Macao extension and Southeast Asia etc..

as everyone knows, the website is smooth payment depends on the quantity and quality of website transaction, into the packet network in terms of payment, and Alipay entered the in-depth cooperation, Alipay users can not be registered in the packet network members can directly use Alipay account login and orders. The site currently supports 19 domestic mainstream bank and Alipay, caifutong payment, credit card payment will be opened later, more convenient for users and purchase orders.

Since the beginning of the

package into the web site, the site consignment times sought after, the number of consulting a few hundred people a day, the bag into the bag has been distributed around the world’s 4 largest C2C platform and many independent B2C site. It is worth mentioning that there are a number of well-known sites and sites launched an in-depth cooperation, the capital has been linked to the site responsible person expressed willingness to invest, is currently under negotiation.

may be a lot of people do not know, the site before the domain name is not www.jbw.com.cn but jinbao.de, according to the webmaster introduced into the packet networks, because the domain name suffix before German domain is not convenient, the company decided to spend a high price to buy 3 digit letter names, meaning is also very simple, meaning that the initials into the packet network. Since the domain name change many customers feel particularly good in mind, for the first time after the visit next time not through the search can enter the domain name into the website directly, feel particularly convenient, but also to the site to bring the steady flow of



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