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The United States Mission O2O Road from starting to fight the group purchase

Sina Technology Wang

from buy to O2O, the United States has actually been more than four years of layout. As a continuous entrepreneur, the U.S. group CEO Wang Xing earlier than their peers.

beauty group started to group purchase, through the enclosure and fighting and grain storage for the winter, a firm foothold in the group purchase industry, and become a leader in the O2O tide.

Wang Xing years ago proposed the "T" strategy, namely to group purchase as horizontal line, vertical entry including movies, hotels and tourism, takeaway and other segments.

in July of this year, after two adjustments, the U.S. mission finally combed their business lines. At present, the U.S. group has three business group and a subsidiary, is set a takeaway delivery business group, hotel tourism group, to store business group and cat culture media Co. ltd..

Wang Xing said that the establishment of business group and subsidiaries in order to meituan the business focus is more flexible, to strengthen the construction of one-stop consumer services platform, a series of recent organizational adjustment, is according to the user’s consumption scenarios to make clear business division, aimed at ecological layout.

Wang, from the group purchase website is the most easy entry of O2O, his strategic plan is this: in 2012 the United States mission is the keyword keywords opal film, in 2103 the United States mission is the hotel, in 2014 the United States Mission takeaway is key. This year, Wang Xing had pointed out at the beginning of the year, 2015 is the focus of the U.S. mission network platform to build, build an ecological year".

Beauty Group will be through investment acquisitions to ecological layout, but few formal disclosure of the acquisition news, a recent public information acquisition is completed the overall acquisition of net of cruel dispatch travel and beauty group, is currently the hotel tourism division integration.

can be seen, the United States mission is mainly to develop their own business, the acquisition is mainly around the existing business to supplement the expansion, improve the ecological layout.

O2O for this broad market, Wang Xing very confident. As early as 2013 the Group annual meeting, Wang Xing proposed the overall goal of 2015 to achieve one hundred billion yuan, in 2020 to achieve trillion yuan turnover. And at the annual meeting in 2015, he has raised the value of 100 billion yuan transactions to $130 billion.

to shop business group

talk about the road of the United States Mission O2O, we must mention buy. United States mission to buy started, O2O is also cut by buying.

beauty group to store business group in catering group purchase business on the basis of upgrade, the U.S. group COO dry Jiawei responsible.

in early 2012, Wang Xing saw the potential of O2O, in his view, group purchase may be one of the first day, or that a group is a starting point of O2O, is one of the most easily cut form.

and the United States Mission in the battle of thousands of groups to survive, there are several key points to note: first, know how to control, not blindly marketing, control costs; two >


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