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Dangdang twice fake electric commercial fake war torn

Ding Lei

in the retail network of cake on every business enterprise, suffered a blow and a shout.

on the evening of June 19th, CCTV two sets of consumer advocate column, the domestic electricity supplier companies Dangdang sale fake Casio exposure. June 2011, Dangdang has also been due to licensing issues, caught in the whirlpool of illegal sales of Casio.

June 20th, Dangdang senior public relations director Guo He responded that, the company has set up an audit team, led by the vice president of the Department, immediately to conduct a comprehensive inspection of all goods involved. In order to ensure the interests of consumers, all goods have been handled. Before the results were not identified, the inconvenience to comment on the matter, but in order to protect the interests of consumers, if consumers have return requirements, Dangdang support full refund."

Dangdang to sell fake event, only a tear off the electricity supplier industry fake problem a small hole. Industry observers, Sinopharm holdings e-commerce project manager Lu Zhenwang said, Dangdang is not a special case, the electricity supplier companies selling fakes, is a common phenomenon in the industry, has been there for many years. The reason for the problem is that the fake electricity supplier, the electricity supplier industry is lack of the necessary regulatory and legal constraints".

Cuanhuo CASIO

Dangdang encounter fake, not all genuine fakes.

Lu Zhenwang said that the electricity supplier industry "fake" has three types, one is Cuanhuo, one is the so-called "smuggled goods", one is the traditional sense of the fake. Large integrated electricity supplier sourcing, fake generally rarely, however, Cuanhuo and smuggled goods will have a certain proportion.

called Cuanhuo, refers to the brand manufacturers sales network of branches or middlemen, driven by interests, to the distribution of products across the region or break the pricing principle of sales, brand manufacturers market prices caused confusion, which seriously affected the reputation of the brand marketing phenomenon.

dangdang.com internal marketing sources told this reporter that the media questioned Casio sources, is obtained by means of the so-called cuanhuo. It does not mean that the goods are fake, but the purchasing behavior touched the manufacturers to control market order and control, so the pricing, supply is not recognized by the manufacturers.

the person further said that the competitiveness of the electricity supplier sales are in the low price of the product, and to achieve low sales, must have a low supply. CASIO declined to online distribution channels for sales of authorization, which leads to network channels can only obtain goods by Cuanhuo form.

reporter, general agent for large watch manufacturers give products terminal sales price of 3-4 fold, some of the brand is 6-7% of the goods price concessions, and large agents in order to expand sales, will add about 10% products on the terminal price, profit in getting goods from the manufacturer based on.


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