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U.S. group internal mail exposure 47 billion half year turnover

news July 14th, billion state power network was informed that the recent U.S. mission network Wang to nearly 10000 employees issued the "2015 O2O" decisive year for the mobilization of mail, a war against the entire O2O industry.

in the internal mail, the U.S. mission network CEO Wang announced the performance of the company in 2015 first half of the year, according to the report, the first half of this year, the U.S. group transactions amounted to 47 billion yuan, an increase of 190%, while last year’s turnover of only 46 billion yuan.


figure for the U.S. mission network CEO Wang speech

it is reported that in the case of Wang’s internal e-mail intermediary, said the results of the first half of this year, mainly in the takeaway, Turisthotellet, movies, buy and other services, including turnover in June has broken 9 billion yuan.

in accordance with the previous Wang set up in 2015 to achieve 100 billion of the target point of view, as of now, the U.S. mission network has completed the target of 47%.

Wang Xing said that this year’s plan is focused on constructing the platform, to build eco Beauty Group will develop more and more products and services to meet the needs of users at the same time, he pointed out that different products, different business needs of different platforms.

In addition, Wang said

will also establish a variety of ways to cooperate with external partners, to cultivate staff to build a platform to build ecological awareness.

The following is

Wang internal speech:

Wang Xing: today, I feel we are very excited, but I think maybe I was here in the mood the most exciting one, because this "ordinary road" let me think a lot, think of some things that I and many colleagues came all the way:

2011, we took the lead in presenting unconditional refund

5 years ago, it was officially launched in the United States, in Beijing, Haidian District Tsinghua East Huaqingjiayuan, a three bedroom, a dozen people opened a simple forum, we are still faced with many difficulties in the meeting, many people cry, including me. In March 4, 2011, we made a "hearty forward" conference in Haidian theatre, we look to the market, we have made a commitment to the consumer, is also the first to propose an unconditional refund, with practical action to practice the "consumer first" values. This initiative set up a brand of the United States mission, to help us attract a lot of businesses, consumers, and in 2011, the crazy battle of thousands of groups in the final win. In the first year, we made a 1 billion 450 million deal.

2012, we advance 30 km per day

2012 annual meeting, we are at Peking University Centennial Hall. The annual meeting, we review the year happened and encountered hardships and dangers, I tell you the story of Antarctic exploration, put forward to advance 30 kilometers every day. In 2012, we were crazy, crazy, and


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