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The traditional store by the impact of the nternet to Bainaohui June business transformation

is a line under the opponent more and more tight, the number of Suning GOME stores more and more, on the other hand, online opponent is more and more powerful, such as Jingdong (micro-blog), shunt mall walk more and more customers. In addition to rent, labor costs rise, the traditional IT stores a year less than a year.

how to become a difficulty relief they have to consider the issue, and Bainaohui solution is to enter online.

decline in performance of employees resigned

business bluntly business difficult to do

now business is not good to do before, watching the flow of visitors to reduce, the heart is not the taste." In Xujiahui Buynow mall management a little shop in Mr. Zhang talked about today’s performance, some helpless. He admits to "IT times" reporter, now people and profits have been "cut", "a day before we can sell 30 sets of machine assembly, a month can sell 300 sets, but now up to 150 units, and consumers can check the prices on the Internet, our profit is low low."

Zhang told reporters, when business is good, no, he is busy sit down and drink slobber time and now, in the face of the few people to patronize counter, "a lot of people ask price, if the Jingdong than the mall high, they left." He revealed that his company has set up counters in almost all of the traditional IT stores in Shanghai, but the situation in almost every home.

in the store, the reporter asked a businessman to ask the price of SONY recording pen, the other offer 1280 yuan, the reporter said the price is lower than the online quote. Merchant thought for a moment and said, "do you want the price of Jingdong? Also line!"

, like Mr. Zhang, engaged in the sale of mobile phones, Mr. Bi also really feel as big as before. "Although it is low season, the business is not so hot, but even the peak season, not so ideal."

"since I entered the company in 2007, only in 2010 when the wages have been raised, many of our old employees have gone." Patrick to "IT times" reporter said, the fight with a low basic wage, in the first, all by performance brought sales elite repeatedly to resign, customer volume plummeted led to a sharp decline in their income, but also the result of helpless resignation.

empty shop, closed frequent

traditional IT store impact is very large

business business light, store side naturally affected by the store empty cabinets, empty shop phenomenon is increasingly common. In July last year, known as the Zhongguancun electronics stores one of the top three Pacific computer city officially closed, it is no doubt that the decline of traditional closed stores.

in early March this year, New iPad released on the occasion, the reporter visited the Beijing Zhongguancun e world, found that many counter vacancy, businessmen >


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