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Downwind off some convenience stores to explore new models or blocked

cross into the retail industry in less than a year, SF recently closed some convenience stores located in Beijing Tongzhou area, the SF retail business does not seem to go smoothly.

close some convenience stores

relevant person in charge of the wind recently confirmed to the China Economic Times reporter, the company did not stop some of the retail business in Beijing, Tongzhou, but the recipient and send the business is still normal."

at the end of last year, has always been focused on the SF express business suddenly extend their business to the retail sector, in Shenzhen quietly opened more than and 20 convenience stores, and extended to many areas of Beijing, Guangdong, Xiamen, Chinese retail caused a great disturbance. However, only a few months after the cancellation of the Beijing SF convenience store retail business.

downwind side said that the cancellation of some retail stores in Beijing, Tongzhou District, according to the courier business volume is determined in the region.

"no advantage of management and operation in the SF convenience store, by courier business to operate convenience stores is not inevitable. In addition, SF did not fully grasp the market, although SF itself has many outlets, but these outlets are suitable for the creation of a convenience store, to be considered." Consultant senior researcher Gao Boxuan told reporters, the ability to accept the consumers involved in the convenience store of SF is lagging behind.

in fact, the wind in convenience stores opened at the beginning, the industry had pointed out that there are many differences in the courier industry and convenience store operation, and convenience store location is very important in high rents, high labor costs, the current must be carefully assessed.

according to the reporter, usually with retail and express model is the first retail industry, when the layout of the network to a certain extent, and then leveraging outlets to do receive a delivery. For example, China’s Taiwan region, 7-11 has nearly 5000 stores, large-scale and strong background logistics system so that 7-11 stores into the delivery of outlets. SF act in a diametrically opposite way, into the retail sector from the express industry, retail industry believes that the great risk.

however, Gao Boxuan believes that from the perspective of long-term development, a convenience store to test the water business is a good attempt, on the one hand, can well carry out express business, on the other hand, increased the retail terminal channels, to provide convenient services for consumers but also to expand its scope of business.

, one of the bottlenecks in the development of local courier companies, that is, the cost of control is difficult, the wind is also seeking to expand the volume of business in the acquisition and how to reduce costs." Gao Boxuan said.

courier business is still the main industry

"we never cross, SF’s main business is always express." Relevant person in charge told the reporter sf.

at present, China’s express delivery industry is in the initial stage of development, the management of enterprises is relatively backward, the degree of information


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