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Before and after the Spring Festival online shopping market will usher in the outbreak period

Spring Festival is the most important business of the year before the holiday sales season, this year for the overtime years ago sales is not only the traditional supermarkets and wholesale market, e-commerce sites due to the surge in orders, pressure distribution, frequently issued goods notice. The rapid growth of online shopping market, so that businesses competing to join the army of e-commerce. Suning, COFCO has been officially "net", Dangdang, excellence and other e-commerce enterprises to continuously adjust the business sector and tap new profit point. Data show that in 2009 the e-commerce industry added 4000 B2C sites, while in 2010 the number of new B2C companies will reach about 1. The e-commerce market will usher in a raging like a storm.

convenient, low-cost advantages attract more and more Internet users choose online shopping. With the development of online shopping platform, the scale of online shopping users continues to grow, online sales continue to grow rapidly, online retailing will become an increasingly important part of the traditional retail market. Traditional retail channel businesses began to expand the market under the two legs.

giant home appliance chain Suning Tesco officially launched last month announced a high-profile network, and set the "three years to become the China appliance online shopping market leader, market share reached 20%" strong plan.

traditional channel competitors will continue to face on the internet. In Suning electronic business advantage with the help of physical intervention on the occasion, the United States signed Shanghai World Expo, home appliances become the world’s largest distributor of merchandise, the United States gradually find their own feelings, and plans next month officially entered the field of electronic commerce.

Xidan shopping mall should be opened online mall earlier retail business, since last year, Xidan mall IGO5 online mall increased publicity efforts. E-Commerce Association in Beijing organized dozens of e-commerce companies joint promotional activities, Xidan IGO5 online shopping mall also learn from the popular spike and other promotional means.

iResearch senior analyst Zhang Yanping believes that in the next few years, the traditional enterprises involved in e-commerce will become a trend, a few years ago when the online mall decoration embarrassing situation, the two channels to implement online and offline interaction strategy.

traditional retail business into the field of e-commerce, with its formation in the physical channel for many years the market influence and reputation, in terms of good faith. However, how to avoid the conflict between online and offline is the traditional business needs to resolve the problem.

at the Beijing Municipal Commission of commerce organization on consumption activities, Xidan mall relevant responsible person said, Xidan IGO5 retail store sales of less than 1% of the amount, at present Xidan IGO5 sales of goods and merchandise sales of shopping malls in Xidan a high degree of coincidence, this is mainly caused by the online mall sales can not break.

The new

seven days direct electrical network CEO Zuo Yingjie also has been directed at Suning Tesco opened service conflict problems facing the line. Zuo Yingjie believes that in order to avoid physical stores and online business >


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