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Network marketing should not let go of the 3 positions

depth website ranks, has more than two years, until is rubbish station identity during continuous learning at the network, the marketing expert method and idea, benefit a lot, consider how to carry out all day a real network business — after all, each of which is engaged in the network industry webmaster ultimate goal.

although I haven’t really started their own business, but I currently do have accumulated is preparing for my next step to start their own business, after all, to the gradual accumulation of qualitative change, there must be the amount of. As I present my company, I am responsible for the project – the Yellow River cultural gifts, in order to operate the company’s network of this part, I first really took a tremendous effort, even the garbage station skills are used, but later experiencing, I finally came to understand that the nature of the business the network is not the same. After several months of exploration, I found that the three modules have a great impact on your sales:

1 site itself SEO and marketing model.

2 Taobao store opened.

3 Alibaba BtoB model.

said the first 1, you should not unfamiliar, the idea is through the SEO technology and experience, the relevant products to you as visitors to your site, and then through appropriate means of marketing breakthrough, finally complete the order. Of course, the appropriate means of marketing "is each one according to his lights, I personally think that, although you have a set of their own, but you must also colleagues to the company responsible for the sales of learning experience, and understanding of the product. However, the most systematic and most suitable online marketing programs, I still feel that the concept of marketing is more appropriate, marketing, marketing. Learn well.


second, we understand that in network industry natural needless to say. Taobao in sales for each peer, absolutely is a big fish, of course, pat, ah also will not let go, the establishment of a business account, such confidence is higher than personal, new account to do some good, put your goods to upload at least 600 or more, so you can ensure the continuous stream of people. Then combined with the appropriate marketing model, consider a good strategy of sustainable development, then you can wait for customers to come.

third, if your product can be mass production / copy products, then you can consider to buy network and other Alibaba / BTOB mode platform above the enterprise registration account, submit a large number of products, mix well and then combined with the popular relationship inside, suitable for BTOB mode and marketing mode, may not be the first two modes of the orders a large quantity, but then a list than the previous two methods take the volume to many.


module is above 3, and I was going to start the operation, although some are not formally implemented, but also has been investigated for a long time, as long as one step is carried out seriously, will receive the deserved rewards for.


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