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Liu Qiangdong B2C site this year by 10 thousand three years after reshuffle

Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong

Beijing newspaper news (correspondent Zhou Xu) last year, the domestic mall like Taobao B2C (business to customer) a total of more than 9 thousand and 400 sites, and in the Jingdong electronic mall known as the "price butcher" (hereinafter referred to as the "Jingdong") CEO Liu Qiangdong, this was not what.

Liu Qiangdong in Beijing recently accepted an exclusive interview with this reporter is expected this year, China will add 1 10000 electronic commerce company, for a period of time "All flowers bloom together." situation, but will bloom Xie, three years later, the B2C tournament will start. So how to deal with Jingdong, Liu Qiangdong said that this year once again refused to profit, vowed to fight cheap war.

B2C boom will last three years

"we thank Taobao." In an interview, Liu Qiangdong so far one of the largest domestic competitors, such as Taobao mall evaluation.

Liu Qiangdong believes that this is not a courtesy, he said, any excellent company into e-commerce in this market, it is a very good thing for the Jingdong, because the market is not yet finalized cake. When the reporter talked about "organic statistics agency said that last year the existing domestic B2C website more than 9 thousand and 400" this issue, Liu Qiangdong said, according to a study by the Jingdong, this year, the Chinese B2C website will increase 1 above, a year after reaching the peak stage of.

"any single company can not support an industry. An industry, the industry should be "contention of a hundred schools of thought, All flowers bloom together."." Liu Qiangdong said that the beginning of the development of any industry, will face a lot of competitors, continue to expand, and constantly eliminated, but in general will be increased, a year after the beginning of growth has gradually reduced.

Liu Qiangdong told reporters that, for the time being, talking about the competition in the field of B2C is still too early, three years after the real competition.

does not make Jingdong proud

When a reporter asked about the "

Jingdong has reached millions of users, can not profit" this issue, Liu Qiangdong said with a smile, not profit is the pride of the Jingdong.

gross margin is low, which is something we are proud of, because a retail platform must provide far lower than the cost of the chain, in order to bring value to the B2C industry." Liu Qiangdong said.

second, over the past few years, although there is no profit Jingdong, but the amount of loss in the company’s controllable range, is able to withstand. Moreover, in the industry, the loss rate of Jingdong is the lowest."

third, I would like to emphasize that Jingdong is a profitable, ‘no profit in the past’ and ‘ability to profit’ is a different concept of the two." Liu Qiangdong said, the Jingdong’s strategy is to expand market share, first by low cost, market share reached a certain level, the profit is a natural.


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